Arkas Art Center Organizes Workshops for Children at IstinyePark Izmir

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Arkas Art Center keeps sharing art with larger audiences by making it accessible with the same enthusiasm and desire it had on the very first day. Bearing in mind that the love of art is fostered at a very young age, Arkas Art Center continues to carry out different activities that combine creativity and art to encourage the artistic skills of children.

Within this context, IstinyePark Izmir and Arkas Art Center have launched a special collaboration. Thanks to the free workshops to be held during the semester break at IstinyePark Izmir within this collaboration, children will enjoy educational and fun activities. While the workshops at Arkas Art Center, which have been attended by more than 50,000 children up until today, continue to be held without any interruption, there will be free workshops for children at IstinyePark as well. These will help bring art to many children by starting off from the idea that “Art is Everywhere”.

The main goal of this valuable collaboration between IstinyePark Izmir and Arkas Art Center is to ensure that children reap the greatest benefit from it.

Children Learn While Having Fun with Arkas Art Center’s Workshops

The workshops, where children put their imagination on paper by giving free rein to their creativity, started at the semester break and will, as of February 7, continue every weekend until March 27.