Arkas Automotive and Volcar Receive 14 Awards from Volvo

At the Volvo Car Turkey Excellence Awards 2020-2021, Arkas Automotive and Volcar, both subsidiaries of Arkas Holding, have been awarded with 14 out of 18 prizes in the categories “Best Authorized Service”, “Best Authorized Dealer”, “Best VPS Application” and “Best Sales Consultant”, including the Presidential Award. Arkas Automotive and Volcar have, thus, won the highest number of prizes that has been presented to an authorized dealer and service group since 2011. 

The winners of the Excellence Awards, given by Volvo Car Turkey for the best authorized dealers and service points, have been announced. At the event that was based on the performance results of 2020-2021, the branches of Arkas Automotive and Volcar have reached the highest award rate since 2011 by achieving 78% and winning 14 out of 18 awards in 5 categories.

While Arkas Zeytinburnu has received the “Presidential Award 2021”, Volcar Izmir has been honored with the “Presidential Award 2020”. The winners of both awards have been determined according to their points in sales and services. Standing out as the most prestigious award among the Excellence Awards, the Presidential Awards is presented to “the best of the best” in each category.

In the category “Best Authorized Dealer of 2021”, Volcar Izmir has got the second prize, whereas Arkas Zeytinburnu, Volcar and Arkas Bursa have been presented the first, second and third prizes for the “Best Authorized Service”, respectively. In the category “Best VPS Application of 2021”, Arkas Zeytinburnu has ranked first. Furthermore, Burak Ildemir from Volcar Izmir has been chosen as the “Best Sales Consultant of 2021”.

When it comes to the “Best Authorized Dealer of 2020”, Volcar Izmir has been the first, whereas Arkas Bursa has ranked second. In the category “Best Authorized Service of 2020”, Arkas Zeytinburnu has got the first prize, while Volcar Altunizade and Volcar Izmir have been honoured with the second and third prizes respectively. Lastly, Volcar Izmir has been awarded for the “Best VPS Application of 2020”.

Success in the “Sales and Service” categories is determined on the basis of the following criteria by Volvo Car Turkey: number of sales, number of vehicles maintained by the service, market share, customer satisfaction, secret customer notes, homogeneous distribution between models in sales, correct diagnosis of the malfunction at first try and minimal work repetition, supply speed of spare parts, the quality and quantity of marketing activities, target realization rates, representation of the Volvo brand across Turkey etc.

Both Arkas Automotive, which has operated in the sector for 16 years, and Volcar, the authorized dealer and service point of Volvo Car Turkey with a total of 7 Volvo branches, continue sales and after-sales services in Izmir, Istanbul, Bursa and Ankara without compromising on quality.