Arkas Logistics’ new Office in the United States Starts to Operate

The US office of Arkas Logistics was opened in January, marking an important step towards becoming a global power.

Focusing on the strategic innovations in its sector, Arkas Logistics is further expanding its current network with the motto “The Power Behind Logistics”. The company, which has established its new office in New Jersey, US, as part of a restructuring process, is evolving from a regional power to a company that provides services on a global scale. Having fulfilled its goal of expanding to the US in 2022, Arkas Logistics aims to further develop its existing commercial relations and to increase the amount of handling by sea with the US over time.

Shipeedy (, a digital platform that has resulted from Arkas Logistics’ vision of globalization just like its office in the US had, will provide tracking, coordination and integration services in the countries where the company operates. Shipeedy will enable entities to easily and seamlessly send their full (full container) and/or partial maritime cargos, airway cargos as well as railway cargos from any point in the world to another.

With its office in the US, the number of countries, in which Arkas Logistics operates, has increased to 13, including the offices in Europe, Africa and CIS countries.