Arkas Talks Webinars Continue in 2022

Every month, Arkas Academy brings together different specialist professionals and Arkasians in Arkas Talks webinars; the last training in 2021 featured Pedagogue and Writer Dr. Ozgur Bolat. Bolat has talked about the fundamental dynamics of happiness, internal motivation and success mechanisms, and explained the relationship between these concepts. Ozgur Bolat has also given clues about how an individual should behave when encountering control mechanisms such as rewards, praise, competition, and emotional manipulations while growing up. Bolat has then reminded Yunus Emre’s words “It’s not the victory, it’s the journey that matters”, emphasizing the importance of transforming from externally motivated individuals to internally motivated individuals.

Mindfulness and Meditation specialist Deniz Bagan was the guest speaker at the first in-house webinar of 2022. The event has focused on themes such as the experience of humanity, elements of compassion and the importance of self-compassion, and has extended into learning how to gently support ourselves when faced with pain, struggle and stress.

Arkas Academy will continue to bring together specialists and Arkasians every month throughout 2022.