De Keyser Thornton NAXCO Group is Arkas Line’s new agent in Belgium and Netherlands

As Arkas Line, we are happy to announce that, starting as of March 7, De Keyser Thornton NAXCO Group has been appointed as our new agent in Belgium and Netherlands.

Founded in 1853, De Keyser Thornton (DKT) became a part of the NAXCO group in 2000 and is up until today one of the oldest and largest privately owned shipping agencies in Antwerp. All those years, DKT has maintained a leading role in the shipping and transport industry. Ever since it joined the NAXCO Group, DKT has kept investing in further development and high-quality services.

We will always commit ourselves to meeting our clients’ needs by providing them with the same high-quality services. We would like to thank you again for being our most valued partners and we are looking forward to continue working with you in the future.

You can reach our new agent ( DKT NAXCO Group ) at the address below:

De Keyser Thornton Naxco (Belgium) nv

Brouwersvliet 25

B 2000, Antwerp Belgium

Tel: + 32 (0) 3 205 31 00