Piri Reis will Work for Nature in the “Sustainable Life” Project

Private Piri Reis Schools will work for the protection of nature within the scope of the project titled “Sustainable Life” in the 2021-2022 academic year. From youngest to the oldest, all students will work in four languages, mainly in Turkish and French, and participate in national and international activities throughout the year, for the grand purpose to leave a healthy world for the future.

Private Piri Reis Schools, which works to raise awareness of universal problems in students by developing annual institution projects on subjects of global importance, has chosen the sustainability of life as a project in the first academic year after the Covid-19 pandemic.

As part of the project, which is titled “Sustainable Life” (La vie durable, Sürdürülebilir Yaşam, Vita Sostenible) and will be conducted in the school’s education languages Turkish, French, English and Italian, all students from the age of 3 until 8th grade will carry out various works throughout the year, directed to protect the nature, earth, clean water resources, seas and biodiversity, and turning towards clean energy resources.

A Purpose for Each Age Group

Foundations of the project was laid in March last year, and the project was introduced to the whole education staff during seminaries in August. Then homework was given, and activities were planned, catered to kindergarten, primary and secondary school students. Within the scope of the project, kindergarten students will research the mankind’s effects on the environment, primary school students will work on the subjects of energy, carbon footprint and climate, and secondary school students will go out of school borders to work on water, saving and recycling.

Every Piri Reis Member Will Protect Nature

Stating that their primary goal is to raise world citizens that respect the environment, Private Piri Reis Schools Director Sabrina Ataseven went on to say “Students who graduate from our school will become individuals who contribute to their surroundings, and then the world in terms of sustainable life”.

Explaining that the Covid-19 Pandemic, which the whole world has been trying to overcome, once again revealed how fragile nature is, Ataseven said “Our primary goal is to raise well-educated individuals who can easily explain themselves to the world. While doing this, we also have to consider the health of the world in which the individuals we raise will live in. A healthy world can only be created by preserving scarce resources as they are, and by allowing them to see the future. While thinking about this, we also aimed to raise our students with this awareness. We want our students to be respectful individuals not only to people, but to all living things and nature. For this reason, we have reserved the 2021-2022 Academic Year for this subject.”

Özel Piri Reis Okulları Eğitim Koordinatörü ve Özel Güzelbahçe Piri Reis Okulları Müdürü Sabrina Ataseven

Adding that every Piri Reis member, from student to employee, will be a protector of life and nature, Ataseven said “As a school, one of our most important features is to maximize our students’ ability to use the foreign languages that they learn. In this regard, especially our secondary school students will carry out their project works in foreign languages, sending the message that the world needs to be protected not just to Izmir, but the whole world. As an institution, we will consider even the finest things that could harm the world, from the energy we use to our waste, from our use of paper to the pollution created by the e-mails we send.”