Arkas Otomotiv Opens Maserati Showroom in Izmir


The Italian luxury sports car brand Maserati continues to grow in Türkiye, now expanding to Izmir.  A Maserati showroom has opened in Izmir as part of Arkas Otomotiv, a subsidiary of Arkas Holding. The opening ceremony, hosted by Lucien Arkas, Chairman of Arkas Holding, was attended by many guests, including Italian Ambassador Giorgio Marrapodi, Koc Holding Automotive Group President Haydar Yenigun, Tofas CEO Cengiz Eroldu, and Alfa Romeo Brand Director Ozgur Suslu.

With over 110 years of history, the Italian luxury car brand Maserati combines high-performance vehicles with timeless Italian design. Maserati continues to grow both globally and in Türkiye with its range of unique cars that combine luxury, sportiness, and style. The Maserati lineup includes the Levante, the brand’s first SUV; the Grecale, an SUV that “makes every day unique”; the GranTurismo, an iconic Italian grand tourer; and the GranCabrio, the brand’s new open-top model. At the top of the lineup are the MC20 and MC20 Cielo, super sports cars equipped with the V6 Nettuno engine.

Maserati, represented in Türkiye by Fer Mas, is now reaching automobile enthusiasts in Izmir through Arkas Otomotiv’s dealership. The showroom, reflecting the brand’s new luxury experience, was inaugurated with a ceremony.

Synergy Created Through Collaboration

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Lucien Arkas, Chairman of Arkas Holding, said, “At Arkas, we’ve always valued collaborations that not only make a difference in every investment we undertake but also foster synergy and mutual growth.” This time, Arkas Otomotiv and Tofas are teaming up. We take pride in representing the world-famous Maserati brand at 2 locations in Izmir. Maserati cars are distributed in Türkiye by Fer Mas, a subsidiary of Tofas. Trust is the cornerstone of success. Our customers should feel the same level of trust we have in each other so that they choose us. At this point, the greatest strength of the collaboration between Arkas Otomotiv and Tofas lies in their innovation, commitment to quality service, and the trust that stems from their corporate identity. I am confident that this sustainable cooperation between Arkas Holding and Koc Holding will continue with the same stability for many years to come.”

Stating that Arkas Otomotiv has been operating successfully with its dealerships in four major cities since 2006, Koc Holding Automotive Group President Haydar Yenigun, continued:

“As you know, the Turkish automotive sector has achieved record-breaking success in recent years and has started 2024 with momentum. Today, as always, Koc Group continues to invest with courage and responsibility, demonstrating a strong belief in the future of our country. Since 2005, our Fermas company has successfully managed the Maserati brand in Türkiye. We are thrilled to launch a new Maserati dealership with Arkas Otomotiv to better meet the growing customer interest in Izmir. I am confident that our dealer’s investment will raise the standard of service and customer satisfaction even higher. I extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to this valuable showroom and after-sales facility investment, especially Mr. Lucien Arkas, Chairman of Arkas Holding, and Arkas Otomotiv, and I wish them success and prosperity.”

A Facility Befitting the Brand

Tofas CEO Cengiz Eroldu stated, “We are delighted to introduce the fifth Maserati dealership to car enthusiasts in Izmir today, following Istanbul, Ankara, and Bursa. With a history spanning over 100 years, Maserati stands as one of the most esteemed brands in automotive history. Known for crafting stylish, sporty, and high-performance cars, Maserati combines automotive passion with a contemporary understanding of luxury. These vehicles are true masterpieces of Italian design and engineering, proudly made in the Modena factory. Izmir holds a special place in our hearts, being a city where individuals with a zest for life reside. As one of the leading industrial companies in the country, we have fostered a longstanding and significant partnership with the Arkas Group. Fer Mas, the custodian of the Maserati brand, operates under the umbrella of Tofas. As in many other businesses, the services provided by the Arkas Group have played an invaluable role in Tofas’ successful performance over the years. This opening represents a new collaboration between Arkas Group and Tofas Group, which is very significant for us. I am confident that Arkas Otomotiv’s strong team will embody the spirit of the Maserati brand and its legendary Italian design to its customers in the best possible way. I extend my gratitude to our esteemed business partner, Arkas Otomotiv, and everyone who contributed to the realization of a facility worthy of our brand.