Green Tables Project Held at Piri Reis


Members of the SKOOP Club at Private Karsiyaka Piri Reis Schools met with Chef Selin Akay at the SKOOP Green Tables Project event.

In commitment to raising well-educated and environmentally conscious students through innovative projects, Private Piri Reis Schools hosted the “Green Tables Project” by the Izmir Social Development and Business Cooperative (SKOOP). This project aims to address social issues needing change by improving the quality of life for all living beings, especially humans. At the event held at the Karsiyaka Campus, Chef Selin Akay cooked with the SKOOP Club and secondary school class representatives. She taught the students how to prevent food waste and prepare a waste-free table. After the event, the students prepared meals and desserts made entirely from natural products. They then enjoyed their creations at a table set up under the olive trees in the school garden.

Isil Nisli, Chairperson of the Board of SKOOP, stated that Private Piri Reis Schools is the first recipient of the Green Star Plaque, an award given to schools that demonstrate sensitivity to the environment and climate. Nisli elaborated, “Green Tables is a project developed to draw attention to food waste and waste management. It aims to show that natural, healthy, and good food is not a utopia, and that stylish, delicious tables can be set with all the details from table decoration to menu planning. The project highlights the importance of supporting local products and reducing the carbon footprint. We have organized activities for adults with Michelin-starred chefs as part of this initiative. Today, we are conducting our first training for secondary school students at Private Karsiyaka Piri Reis Schools, known for developing environmentally sensitive projects.”

Sabrina Ataseven, General Manager of Private Piri Reis Schools, emphasized their commitment to raising well-educated individuals who are sensitive to their environment. She stated, “Every year, we include a subject related to the environment in our education program. Last year, we focused on sustainable life as our corporate project. All of our students, from kindergarten to grade 8, engaged in activities and brainstormed ideas for this project throughout the year. This year, kindergarten students at our Karsiyaka Campus specifically worked on a project titled ‘Gastronomy from the Past to the Future.’ We believe that achieving a healthy world can only be possible by preserving the already scarce resources as they are and transferring them to future generations. We develop our corporate projects with this principle in mind.”