Expert Psychologist Pinar Sabanci discussed the Power of Change at Arkas Arcademia

Arkas Arcademia’s series of events, featuring speakers from diverse fields, continued with a presentation by Expert Psychologist Pinar Sabanci. During the interview conducted at Arkas Mattheys Mansion, Sabanci discussed the impacts of change on human life.

Organized by Arkas Arcademia, the talk on “Psychological Renewal from Routines and Small Practices to Personal Transformation” took place at Arkas Mattheys Mansion in Izmir, featuring expert psychologist Pinar Sabanci as the speaker. During her speech, Sabanci highlighted the starting points for change, emphasizing the importance of self-awareness as one of the key elements. She also stressed the significance of awareness in fostering constructive relationships and psychological resilience.

Addressing questions from the audience afterward, Sabanci mentioned that professional support can be beneficial in certain cases and emphasized the necessity of change in every stage of life.

“Kindness Workshop with Ayse Arman”

Arkas Arcademia is positioned as an experiential center where Arkas Academy, drawing from over 15 years of experience and expertise, will provide training and events for economic, cultural, and personal development. The upcoming event is scheduled for May 9th. The event, featuring Ayse Arman meeting her fans, specially arranged for Mother’s Day, will be centered around the theme “Kindness Workshop with Ayse Arman.” The proceeds from the fully-booked event will be donated to LOSEV.