Arkas Holding Port and Terminal Services Group Evaluation Meeting Was Held in Izmir

The executives of Arkas Holding Port and Terminal Services Group gathered in Izmir for the “First Quarter Evaluation Meeting”. The gathering, uniting the management team and managers of Autoport, Limar, Marport, and Railport operating under the group’s umbrella, was filled with pleasant moments accompanied by specially arranged activities.

Arkas Holding Port and Terminal Services Group convened in Izmir on April 19-20 for the “First Quarter Evaluation Meeting.” Attended by the executives from the Port and Terminal Services Group brands, the event commenced at Arkas Art Urla, hosting Arkas Holding’s corporate collection. It continued with special programs at the historic Mattheys Mansion, restored by Arkas Holding, and the Lucien Arkas Vineyards which offer a stunning view.

New Period Targets of Group Brands Were Discussed

On the second day of the intensive agenda, discussions centered on the past performances, new period projects, and targets of the group brands. During the meeting, where all department managers provided detailed insights, Ozgur Kalelioglu, Port and Terminal Services Group President, remarked, “As a Group, we persist in steering the sector through our pioneering investments. I am confident that our successful performance in 2023 will only grow in 2024 with our new investments.” Elaborating, Ozgur Kalelioglu continued, “At Marport, where we accommodate the world’s largest container vessels, we will uphold our pioneering role in the sector by achieving maximum operational efficiency with the installation of four new STS cranes at the terminal in the second and third quarters of the year. At Autoport, Türkiye’s first automotive terminal, we have increased our capacity through investments in the stock area outside the port. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of service quality with our new projects, which aim to expand the vehicle stock area capacity at the port and enhance the dock’s ship acceptance capacity. In 2024, we anticipate that Railport, our newly designed intermodal logistics terminal in the east-west trade corridor, will be the crowning achievement for our group. This ongoing investment will deliver significant added value to both the Turkish economy and our organization. I extend my gratitude to all my colleagues who have contributed to our ongoing success and sustainability.”

An Engaging Conversation with Esteemed Artist Mujdat Gezen

The program proceeded with an enjoyable conversation featuring esteemed artist and writer Mujdat Gezen. With great sensitivity, Mujdat Gezen recounted the touching tale of the Turkish flag, raised on Izmir Government House on September 9, 1922, signifying the victorious conclusion of the War of Independence. Subsequently, the flag was ceremoniously presented to Ozgur Kalelioglu, Arkas Holding Port and Terminal Services Group President, marking the conclusion of the program.