Arkas Line Welcomes Ozgur Demirtas at Arkas Arcademia

Arkas Line held its second meeting with its business partners at Arkas Arcademia. Professor Dr. Ozgur Demirtas joined as a speaker, sharing insights on future predictions for both the Turkish and global economies.

Arkas Line, along with its managers and business partners, convened at Arkas Arcademia, Izmir’s “New Experience Center”. The event unfolded at the historic Arkas Mattheys Mansion, and was hosted by Arkas Line CEO Can Atalay and Arkas Shipping CEO Cenk Deger.

In his opening address, Arkas Line CEO Can Atalay expressed his delight: “We are thrilled to gather here today at the Arkas Mattheys Mansion, constructed in 1780. Arkas has meticulously restored and reintroduced this historic site to Izmir.

It holds particular significance for us to gather in this mansion, where Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and his companions were hosted on September 16, 1922, following the liberation of Izmir. According to the diaries of the hostess, Hortense Wood, this venue witnessed crucial discussions regarding the establishment of the Republic. Despite the ever-changing landscape and circumstances we navigate daily, I envision a world where peace and love ultimately triumph in the near future. As a company accustomed to operating in challenging environments, we remain steadfast in our commitment to adaptability and finding solutions to meet evolving needs. While the course of the world is being reconstructed, I hope that the predictions of Professor Demirtas will guide us all in the light of scientific data that will help determine our course and direction.”

Demirtas discussed financial data during the interview. Demirtas emphasized that financial indicators offer insights into both the condition of national economies and the prospects of companies moving forward.