Marport supports Türkiye’s competitiveness in international markets with its latest USD 200 million investment

Marport, Istanbul’s largest port and Türkiye’s leading port, has expanded its docks with a total investment of 200 million dollars and became ready to operate simultaneously 2 mega vessels, while also increasing vessel operation efficiency with cutting-edge equipment. With the four newly purchased STS (25 rows) cranes, the port has increased the total number of STS cranes to 14 and is now even faster and more efficient.

Marport, founded in 2001 with the partnership of Arkas Holding and TIL (Terminal Investment Limited), continues to lead the industry in Türkiye and support Türkiye’s competitiveness in international markets with its state of art port layout applications, the most advanced technology equipment, new generation terminal operating system and pioneering investments.

Marport, which located in Ambarli Port Complex and makes a significant contribution to Turkish foreign trade, increased the number of STS cranes to 14 with the four new cranes (25 rows) with an investment of 60 million dollars within the scope of the Modernization Project. Total crane capacity was increased to 19. In this way, it aims to maximize the satisfaction of its business partners and Turkish importers and exporters by greatly increasing its operational speed and efficiency with STS cranes at all its docks and becoming an enterprise that can operate the world’s two largest vessels at the same time.

MARPORT ,“The Gate of The City”,  is wide open to the World’s Largest Vessels

Marport, which continues to welcome the world’s largest container vessels by increasing the berth length to 480 meters with the dolphin connection in 2022 within the scope of the Modernization Project, is now making its Berth 6 to operate mega vessels with the drainage works on the berth. With the Modernization Project, which will be completed in 2024, it will be able to serve more than one mega vessel at the same time.

Arkas Holding Port and Terminal Services Group President Özgür Kalelioglu, in his statement, stated that Marport continues to lead the sector with its pioneering investments and added that as of 2025, Marport will break new ground as a port, which will be the only terminal in Ambarli region that will serve with state-of-the-art STSs at all its docks, which greatly increase its operational speed and efficiency. He also stated that they closely follow new operational and commercial collaborations in the sector and that Marport is ready to adapt to the rapidly changing dynamics of the sector with the modernization project.

Operating with the aim of connecting the whole world, Marport will continue to provide advantages to all its stakeholders in foreign trade and therefore to the Turkish economy in terms of trade strategy and cost management, in addition to hosting mega vessels.