A Space Full of Books, Culture, Art and Activities for Children at Arkas Life Center: The Monreve Library

An area full of books, culture, arts and activities for children at Arkas Life Center: The Monreve Library

The Arkas Life Center, designed to provide temporary shelter for 1,000 earthquake victims, has recently unveiled the Monreve Library in Iskenderun. This library aims to cater to the educational and socializing requirements of children in the center.

The library, created through the collection of 1,000 books at Arkas Spor’s Axa Sigorta Efeler League match during the league’s 20th week, along with the purchase of 3,500 books as part of the project, offers a wide range of literature, scientific works, coloring books, children’s books, and educational resources suitable for children and students aged 0-18.

The Monreve Library goes beyond being a mere book repository for children; it also houses an art corner showcasing catalogues from exhibitions hosted at the Arkas Art Center. Additionally, the library provides a dedicated area for events, interviews, and studying. Moreover the library is equipped with restroom facilities, air conditioners, and a dedicated staff member to provide assistance and support to the children.