Arkas Bunkering Meets the Sector at IBIA Meeting

A member of IBIA (The International Bunker Industry Association) and a regular participant in annual IBIA events, Arkas Bunkering was in London for the 2023 IBIA events. Arkas Bunkering met sector stakeholders in the IBIA annual dinner meeting. The talks focused on bunker fuel prices and the orientation towards environmentally friendly bunker fuels.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, IBIA completed its first meeting of the year as part of the London IE-International Energy Week. A subsidiary of Arkas Holding, Arkas Bunkering, also participated in the event. The meeting took place with a participation rate that doubled compared to last year. In the event held at Westminster Park Plaza Hotel, Arkas Bunkering officials met the sector’s stakeholders. The issue of sustainable energy was the topic of discussion both in the meeting and in the events throughout the week. The upward trend in bunker fuel prices and environmental bunker fuels were among the issues discussed and evaluated by the sector stakeholders. Describing his impressions of the IBIA annual dinner and the activities throughout the week, where the aim was to reinforce the existing ties between IBIA members, Arkas Bunkering General Manager Seckin Gul said, “As you know, how to follow a path for a sustainable life is an issue that all sectors continue to discuss. We can liken this theme to a marathon race. All actions to be taken should be the culmination of meticulous studies. Environmental factors and competitive market conditions should be evaluated together. Thus, energy sector stakeholders have not yet reached a consensus on the energy source choice of the future. We came together with sector representatives on the occasion of these events in London. At the events, prospective greener fuel alternatives in the close and long term were the common agenda for all parties. I can say that these discussions will continue to increase day by day and as a result of this, environmentally friendly energy sources will take their place in the markets more effectively in the near future.”

Arkas Petrol Genel Müdürü Seçkin Gül

The IBIA 2022 annual dinner and meeting was held at the Grosvenor Hause Hotel as part of the IP-International Petroleum Week with 600 participants from the petroleum industry. This year, a decision changed the name of the week in which the event takes place to “London International Energy Week”. IBIA meetings are held regularly every year with the participation of members. The next iteration of IBIA annual convention, which is regarded as the most important meeting of the sector, will take place in Dubai in November.