Arkas Cesme Site Spor Summer Camp Starts in June

Arkas Cesme Site Spor has designed an impressive summer camp itinerary for kids that will commence on June 12 and span three months. The camp aims to broaden children’s horizons and boost their physical and mental development through a range of activities, including sports like volleyball, tennis, basketball, swimming, and dance, as well as art activities such as music and painting, and even robotic coding training.

Arkas Cesme Site Spor is set to launch a summer program designed for children to enjoy sports and have fun. With experienced partners, expert trainers and coaches with certified and national sports careers, the program opens on June 12. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle intertwined with sports while supporting children and young people’s development through both a day camp and a juniors camp.

For children aged 7-8, Arkas Cesme Site Spor offers a day camp that integrates sports, painting, dance, and music activities. The day camps are available in half-day, three-day-a-week, and two-week periods, and swimming training can be included upon request.

The Juniors Camp, designed for children aged 3-6, features pleasant activities and fun games to reinforce basic movement and mental development. The kids are divided into two separate training classes for the 3-4 and 5-6 age groups, with the camp lasting for half a day, three days a week, and for two weeks.

Volleyball lessons will be held for children aged 6-14 and will be determined according to their level. The lessons are available in three-week periods, three days a week, while private lessons will also be offered for those over the age of 14. Swimming lessons will be held for the 4-15 age group, with experienced coaches in the first sea pool of Cesme. The lessons are available in three-week periods, with private lessons also planned for adults. For those with swimming phobia, courses with a psychologist will be offered.

Cooperation with Expert Staff

Arkas Cesme Site Spor has partnered with Allso Academy, a basketball institution with over 20 years of experience in the sport. The academy was founded by Isil Alben, a former national team basketball player who has played 116 games. Children aged 5-15 will be taught basketball through programs that last 3 hours a week and three weeks. The training will be tailored according to the age of the child, and individual training sessions are also available upon request.

Tennis lessons will be offered for children aged 6-15, with the option of private or group lessons based on the student’s preference.

Ege Gymnastics, led by former national athletes, will offer gymnastics classes for the 4-11 age group twice a week in three-week periods.

The Premier Ballet and Dance Academy, which has achieved international success in classical ballet and dance, will provide group and private lessons to children and adults three days a week at Arkas Cesme Site Spor. Group classes will be available from 10:00 to 19:00, and the course duration will be 1 hour.

Colorful Workshops

Arkas Cesme Site Spor has teamed up with educator Tulay Apaydin, who has over 20 years of experience in art education. Apeas By Tulay, which prepares students for fine arts faculties, will collaborate with Arkas Cesme Site Spor to offer workshops ranging from cartooning to mosaic-making, ceramics, mandala, and painting lessons. The workshops will run four days a week, except for Thursdays, and are available to both children over 4 and adults.

With the support of Alsancak Music Course, the oldest business partner of Arkas Cesme Site Spor, music lessons will be available for both children and adults. Instrument training in flute, violin, piano, guitar, and drums will be scheduled once a week at a convenient time for the student.

They grow up with science

In collaboration with Inovathink, Arkas Cesme Site Spor is set to offer a robotic coding program for kids between 4 and 10 years old. The program’s objective is to enhance children’s abilities in areas such as algorithmic thinking, problem-solving, establishing cause-and-effect relationships, thinking outside the box, developing self-confidence, and promoting creativity. The course has been designed to run twice a week.

In the facility, which has been renovated by Arkas Sports Club in the past years and turned into a modern sports complex, there are three tennis courts, two basketball courts, a volleyball court and a grass area.