Arkas Logistics Expands Intermodal Services in Europe

Arkas Logistics, duisport and Hupac signed a service contract for intermodal transportation. Two-way train services between Halkali and Duisburg terminals will enhance freight transportation to multiple European countries including Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, and Germany.

Arkas Logistics keeps advancing future-oriented logistics solutions and expanding its intermodal services. Through its agreement with duisport, Europe’s largest intermodal logistics terminal operator, and Swiss railway company Hupac, Arkas Logistics will now dispatch its intermodal transports from Halkali to Europe.

Arkas Logistics will maintain its intermodal service, utilizing its own 45’ containers that depart from Halkali station daily. They will facilitate transports to Germany (Ruhr Gebit region), Belgium, and the Netherlands. Arkas Logistics will ensure swift completion of its door-to-door 24-ton capacity transports within approximately 7-9 days. The system actively collaborates with all service providers along the route, providing over 400 rail connections and over 80 direct destinations to Europe and Asia through the duisport terminal.

Michail Stahlhut, Onur Göçmez, Markus Bangen, Peter Van Ling, Arif Der, Alberto Grisone, Renzo Capanni

Onur Gocmez, CEO of Arkas Logistics, said the following about the service contract:

“Interest in sustainable logistics is growing all over the world. We are executing our plans and investments in alignment with this sensitivity and demand. Europe is Türkiye’s most important export market. The European green deal requires transformation in every sector. Türkiye must develop logistics solutions to uphold and enhance its competitiveness in exporting to third countries, particularly the EU. The service agreement between duisport and Hupac in the realm of intermodal transportation represents a significant step in this regard. Through this agreement, we believe that we will make a sustainable contribution to the trade volume of our exporters, producers, and consequently, our country. In the broader context, Arkas Logistics’ investment in 5 environmentally friendly locomotives, scheduled for delivery in 2025, will play a significant role in the future of logistics solutions.”

Faster, Convenient and Greener Transportation to Europe

Intermodal transportation stands out in the logistics industry by providing a concept that is integrated and tailored to its needs, offering numerous advantages. The system not only surpasses land transportation in terms of cost-effectiveness but also outpaces maritime transportation in terms of speed. Additionally, with its environmentally friendly features and convenient door-to-door delivery, it stands as one of the leading solutions for the future.

Five Locomotives Arriving in 2025

Arkas, driven by the belief that supporting local production in Türkiye is crucial for Anatolia’s development, has been investing in railroads for several years. As part of its commitment to innovation in the Turkish logistics sector, Arkas is acquiring a locomotive. With a substantial investment of 38.5 million Euros, the company has placed an order for five Euro Dual model locomotives. These locomotives are scheduled for delivery in 2025. Using environmentally friendly locomotives, Arkas will operate scheduled services to transport import-export containers from Türkiye’s major industrial cities to the country’s largest ports.

Europe and Iron Silk Road with Route Scheduled Services

Railport, the land terminal jointly established by Arkas and duisport in Kartepe, stands as a prime example of comprehensive logistics solutions, which have gained increased significance in recent years. The terminal is scheduled to become operational in 2024. Railport will serve as a transshipment terminal, enabling the unloading and handling of cargo from trains arriving from and departing to Europe. Arkas, on the other hand, will utilize its own locomotives for its European transportation until reaching Kapikule.

In addition, Arkas Logistics, having pioneered rail transportation on the BTK (Baku-Tbilisi-Kars) railway line in 2017, now transports cargo to Europe in transit through the Marmaray connection on the China-Türkiye Iron Silk Road. This is facilitated by Arkas Rail, a company established under its umbrella last year. The newly established transportation corridors provide an opportunity to transport Türkiye’s export cargoes to new countries by rail. Moreover, due to Türkiye’s strategic geographical location, transit cargoes between Europe and Asia can also be efficiently transported through the country. This has led to increased demand for railway transportation in Türkiye, subsequently accelerating investments in new generation locomotives and wagons.