Arkas Arcademia is Lit

Arkas Arcademia, situated in the renovated Mattheys Mansion by Arkas Holding in Bornova, is now open for hosting events. The inaugural event at Arkas Arcademia featured Sunay Akin. As part of the Republic’s 100th anniversary celebrations, Sunay Akin engaged with the residents of Izmir through an interview titled “The Ferry Carrying the Hope.” Following that, Candan Varnali, the founder of CVC LifeStyle, conducted a workshop at Arkas Arcademia, sharing tips and tricks for creating a delightful summer dining table.

On Thursday, May 18th, guests had the opportunity to meet with Turkish poet, writer, journalist, researcher, and theater actor Sunay Akin in the captivating ambiance of Arkas Mattheys Mansion. During the discussion “The Ferry Carrying the Hope”, held in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Republic, the significance of May 19 was emphasized. Sunay Akin highlighted that Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Great Leader, laid the foundations of the republic with a strong cultural vision. Akin emphasized various historical aspects, ranging from Anitkabir (the mausoleum of Ataturk) to the Gallipoli War, and emphasized the importance of understanding Ataturk rather than just commemorating him. Akin said, “Children and young people do not need us for the future. We need their dreams”. At the end of his remarks, Sunay Akin sent a message of congratulations for the May 19th Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day and thanked Arkas for bringing the Mattheys Mansion back to Izmir and to history, “I am honored to be invited to the opening event of such an excellent experience center and to be the first… Thank you very much to Arkas Arcademia”.

After Sunay Akin, Candan Varnali, the founder of CVS LifeStyle, was the guest at Arkas Arcademia on May 25th. Varnali, renowned for her productivity and positive energy, shared all the delightful details about creating enjoyable summer dining tables.

During the workshop held in the beautifully designed Arkas Arcademia hall by FD Architecture, Candan Varnali highlighted the latest trends in lighting, tablecloths, dinnerware, and accessories. She provided valuable tips on creating the perfect ambiance for a summer dining table, emphasizing the important details to consider when setting up a dining table. Varnali said, “The extravagant dining tables of the past have been replaced with minimalistic, sleek dining tables that showcase the homeowners’ personality. The old rules no longer apply. As gastronomy evolves, the presentation of food and the ambiance of the dining table have become distinct sources of pleasure, complementing the taste of the dishes people consume. Consequently, this shift is noticeable not only in corporate events but also in home entertainment. We now infuse our dining tables with personality through the use of accessories, vibrant tablecloths, and thematic floral arrangements”.

Candan Varnali, who organizes special events and conducts seasonal workshops on dining table settings in various cities of Türkiye, also prepared all the presentation designs for the Arkas Arcademia hosting section and café located within the restored historical Arkas Mattheys Mansion, which was brought back to life by Arkas, during the opening ceremony.

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