Meteroite Luxury Bag

The Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag, a handbag made from a meteorite that landed in the south of France 55,000 years ago, has garnered attention on social media after it was produced by French fashion giant Coperni. Company representatives claim that the bag seamlessly merges archaeology and design. However, the 40,000 Euro price tag of this luxury item has elicited mixed reactions. It is unclear how many bags made of moonstone and resin Coperni has produced. The renowned brand has stated that the product is custom-made and cannot be returned. Each meteorite bag sold will differ from one another, and the customer will receive a certificate of authenticity.

Immortality from Google’s Former Engineer 

Ray Kurzweil, a former Google engineer and futurist, has made a bold prediction that humanity will achieve immortality within the next eight years. He believes that the combination of nanotechnology and robotics will lead to the development of “nanobots” that will have the ability to reverse the aging process by repairing damaged cells and tissues that deteriorate over time. According to Kurzweil, these nanobots will make people immune to life-threatening diseases like cancer. He stated that “In the next eight years we will see nanobots that reverse aging. Nanobots will repair damaged cells and tissues that deteriorate as the body ages. In this way, people will be protected against deadly diseases such as cancer.”

Why NASA’s Futuristic New Space Suit Isn’t White

The design of the space suits intended for the astronauts that NASA plans to send to the Moon as part of the Artemis mission in 2026 is quite remarkable. The “AxEMY Next Generation” spacesuit incorporates numerous innovations that will facilitate movement for the astronauts. While the spacesuit’s futuristic look is enhanced by orange and blue patterns on a black base, it may be somewhat misleading. This is because, contrary to the black suits worn during launch, astronauts must wear white suits while on the lunar surface. This is due to the need for the spacesuit to be reflective and well-insulated to keep astronauts cool in sunlight, which is best achieved by using white fabric. Axiom Space indicated in a press release that the new prototype conceals the proprietary design, and the white version will be provided directly to NASA.

Nokia Builds 4G Internet on the Moon

Finland-based technology and telecommunications company Nokia plans to install 4G internet on the Moon.

Nokia is set to send a 4G communications system to the Moon’s orbit in November, using a Falcon 9 rocket from SpaceX. The system will be transported to the lunar surface by the Nova-C spacecraft from Intuitive Machines, and will be installed in the Shackleton crater in the southern part of the Moon. Nokia has stated that the 4G system is designed to withstand the harsh conditions on the Moon and could potentially be used to establish a sustainable base for future astronauts.

Paris Becomes First City to Ban E-Scooters

Paris has become the first city to prohibit the use of rental e-scooters in a referendum, with 90 percent of voters rejecting them. The referendum was prompted by several accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities involving e-scooters in the French capital. Mayor Anne Hidalgo commented to the press, “I am committed to respecting the decision of the voters. It is very costly, with 10 minutes costing five euros, and more significantly, a major cause of numerous accidents.”

Snow falls in North America’s hottest desert

The Sonora Desert, known as the hottest desert in North America, experienced an unusual phenomenon when a brief snowfall covered parts of the landscape, creating an interesting view. The snowfall, which measured 5-10 centimeters in some areas, covered the cacti and other plants in the desert. Pulitzer Prize-winning landscape photographer Jack Dykinga captured the beautiful scenes in early March, stating that it had been 10 years since the last snowfall in the region. He described the landscape as “out of place, utterly magical and strikingly beautiful.”

Bird Flu Vaccine Trial Successful in the Netherlands

Research conducted by Wageningen University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in the Netherlands has demonstrated that two vaccines are effective in safeguarding chickens against avian influenza. The vaccines not only work against the symptoms of the disease but also limit the virus’s spread. Dutch Agriculture Minister Piet Adema has said in a letter to the House of Representatives that the vaccine’s efficacy in protecting chickens and turkeys from avian influenza is a significant achievement and the results are encouraging.

Sustainable City Steps in Dubai

Dubai has gained recognition for its advancements in the arts and education sectors, but it intends to expand beyond its reputation for lavish accommodations. URB, a Dubai-based company, has undertaken a project to construct a 93 km covered walkway around the city named “The Loop”. Additionally, URB will establish a 40-hectare green center called Agri Hub, starting in 2024. The construction of The Loop will conclude in 2040.

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