With Boat Trips Trending High, “Arkas TURMEPA II” Opens Season

The tourism industry shows signs of revival with the transition to the “new normal” after the pandemic. While towns apply all necessary hygiene and social distancing rules, customers are mostly interested in boat trips. This, in turn, makes operations by Arkas TURMEPA II more important than ever in the summer 2020 season. In an effort to meet increasing demands compared to previous years, the waste collection boat is expected to serve 500 boats this summer. ARKAS TURMEPA II boat opened the season on June 19 to keep the bays in Çeşme clean.

500 boats

As part of the social responsibility project launched in cooperation between Arkas Holding and the Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association in 2006, Arkas Holding had undertaken the building and running of ARKAS TURMEPA II. The boat has now started its operations for the 2020 season. Available 6 days of the week, the boat will be in service in Aya Yorgi Bay, Hacettepe Bay, Bademli Bay, Dalyan Kocakarı Bay, and Çeşme Central Pier. Responding to calls between 09:00-18:00, the boat will collect and dispose of waste. Hence both the local population and holidaymakers in Çeşme will enjoy clean seawater in bays.

Boat Crew’s Health Safety Ensured

Arkas and TURMEPA also took measures to ensure the health of the boat crew that will be working throughout the season. The workplace doctor gave them detailed information on COVID-19, while face visors, masks, goggles, single-use masks, and disinfectants were also provided.

Arkas TURMEPA II collected 1.8 Million Liters of Waste

In 2017, Arkas TURMEPA II collected 124,470 liters of liquid waste and 1,025 kg solid waste from 354 boats in 2017; 144,231 liters of liquid waste and 1,025 kg solid waste from 400 boats in 2018 and 57,059 liters of liquid waste from 202 boats in 2019. Since 2006, the boat’s total amount of wastewater collection reached 1.8 million liters. The amount equals the volume of nearly 95 thousand barrels of water. Consequently, 14.5 million liters of seawater remained clean. Arkas TURMEPA II will continue to protect the sea in Çeşme bays throughout the summer season.

For reservations from boats: 0850 460 67 67