5G, Will Become the Backbone of Container Port Operations

Marport IT Director, Ali Yıldız, joined the “Container Terminal Automation Conference 2020” summit. Having mentioned the importance of 5G in port operations, Yıldız also explained how 5G will shape innovation and automation projects.

The Container Terminal Automation Conference took place in a virtual environment between the 1st and 4th of December 2020. Basic issues of the conference included the “Future of Automation, Consolidation of Terminal Automation, Sustainability and Electrification, Gaining Value with Advancing Technology, Post-Covid with Big Data and Analytics”.  The Marport IT Director, Ali Yıldız, who delivered a speech at “How 5G Network Deployment Can Provide the Driving Force for Innovation Projects” session of the event with more than 125 participants, gave information on how the new generation GSM network 5G will facilitate ports.

Having explained his remarks on how the practice of 5G can increase productivity and efficiency, Yıldız also evaluated what impacts this technology will have on innovation or automation projects. The Marport IT Director, Yıldız, stated that 5G is very significant for the deployment of automation and smart technologies in container terminals and that he believes 5G will provide an innovation to many port activities. Yıldız defined 5G as being the “backbone” of the network in future container ports in both operational and classical aspects.

Marport IT Direktörü Ali Yıldız