Arkas Sailors in Training Camp

The training camp, aimed at better preparing Arkas sailors for races, has been completed with the participation of 28 athletes. The training provided by Arkas M.A.T Sailing Team and Arkas Çeşme Sailing Sports Club coaches lasted for four days.

Hosted by Arkas Çeşme Sailing and Youth Club, the training camp was designed to enhance the performance of athletes in races. During the camp, coaches provided training both on land and at sea. Providing information about the training and the camp, Head Coach of Arkas Çeşme Sailing Sports Club, Serkan Yapan, stated that sailing is a sport practiced throughout the year, with races usually taking place in the winter months.

Yapan mentioned that due to the long school hours and shortened training time, they decided to organize a 4-day training camp for 28 athletes. He emphasized that the camp focused on aspects such as starting, positioning, boat control on the sea, and determining the advantage on the course to improve the performance of their sailors in races. Yapan said, “In this camp, our new athletes experienced the environment they would face while being away from their families. While parents were outside, athletes experienced this process in the camp. This served as a kind of training for the problems we might encounter in races.”

Continuing his words by stating, “Actually, we already have camp programs with our own athletes and our own coach. However, the training camp was an event we organized for the first time as a club,” Yapan emphasized that the camp provided athletes with gains such as being able to see their own needs, preparing the boat, and grasping technical information on the sea.

In the camp, under the supervision of Head Coach Serkan Yapan, coaches Murat Can Toyçelebi, Turgut Gürbüz, Alican Barut, Bade Nur, and Doğukan Uysal took part.