Digital Roadmap to the Business World

The Aegean Young Business People Association (EGIAD) and the Aegean Industrialists and Business People Association (ESIAD) jointly organized a Digital Transformation Summit themed “A Smart Future with Artificial Intelligence”. Mert Oruz, Arkas Holding CIO, participated as a speaker in the panel titled “Good Practice Examples and Suggestions” at the Digital Transformation Summit, which is a continuation of the Industry 4.0 Summit first organized in 2017. Oruz provided insights into the digital transformation policies and practices implemented at Arkas Holding.

The opening ceremony of the Digital Transformation Summit at the IzQ Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center in Izmir saw the participation of Izmir Governor Dr. Suleyman Elban, TUSIAD Board Member Perihan Inci, EGIAD Chairman Alp Avni Yelkenbicer, ESIAD Chairman Sibel Zorlu and invited guests. As part of the summit, anticipated to provide a significant opportunity for technology-driven, value-added growth, and digital transformation of Izmir and the regional economy, panels were organized on various topics including “Productivity Increase with Digital Transformation Tools in Businesses”, “National and Global Development of Artificial Intelligence”, “Digital Risks”, and “Good Practice Examples and Recommendations”.

In the “Good Practice Examples and Recommendations” panel, representatives from top Aegean enterprises discussed their digitalization process experiences with the audience. During his speech at this panel, Mert Oruz, Arkas Holding CIO, highlighted that they are advancing by integrating the concepts of optimization, financial control, and adaptation. Oruz said, “Digital transformation is bound to undergo optimization. Financial control significantly streamlines operations and illuminates the level of efficiency attained. In its absence, bosses, managers, and employees feel unsettled. Financial controls play a crucial role in enhancing company profits, and adaptation holds immense value. We transitioned to cloud-based applications across all our systems, including software development. All our operations are conducted entirely on the cloud across all our systems. We’ve recently transitioned to a hybrid cloud approach.” Oruz mentioned that they strive to stay competitive by prioritizing maximum profitability and making decisions based on simulations of future scenarios.

Kerim Akhisaroglu, Technology and Digital Transformation Manager at Norm Holding, Oguz Ozmen, Cevher Group CEO, Ozgur Eris, Deputy General Manager at Operations at Vestel, and Tarik Mete, Digital Transformation Department Manager at Philip Morris, also shared their insights and experiences on digitalization and the transition process.