Giant Container Vessel at Marport!

Marport, the container port where 24% of Marmara’s trade is handled and processed, is also a popular stopover for the world’s largest container vessels. Marport, Turkey’s most important trading port whose importance for maritime trade increases with each passing year, has accommodated the container vessel MSC Tina, the largest ever to have docked in Turkish waters.

Despite challenges to global trade caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Turkey still holds an important position in world trade. While it carries out a majority of its trade activities via sea routes, the country is also a popular port for the world’s largest container vessels. This is most clearly seen in the example of MSC diverting large-capacity container vessels operating on the Far East route to Turkey. MSC Tina has berthed at the Marport port, Turkey’s trade gateway. MSC Tina that boasts a capacity of 19,224 containers exceeds 49,800 meters in length when full capacity containers are stacked on top of one another. The vessel is 17 metres longer than the Empire State Building.

As a welcoming gift, the captain of the 398.4 metre long giant ship was presented a plaque by the Marport administration in adherence to social distancing rules.

Marport has always enjoyed the privilege of welcoming the largest vessels arriving at the country. While 15,000 TEU vessels in the 2M service continue their weekly routes, the 19,000 TEU MSC Tina vessel will also be operating on the same line. In 2019, 1570 vessels docked at the port of Marport, one of Turkey’s most important ports that has been enthusiastically continuing its investments since its foundation in 2001.