STILL Honored with Sustainability Award For Two Consecutive Years

STILL GmbH, operating as STILL ARSER in Türkiye, has been awarded the platinum sustainability award by EcoVadis, one of the world’s most reliable rating platforms, for two consecutive years. Once again ranking among the top 1% this year, the company has demonstrated its steadfast commitment to aligning its business processes with sustainability principles by receiving the award for the second consecutive year.

EcoVadis, which assesses companies’ sustainability performance across four key areas, namely labor & human rights, ethics, sustainable procurement, and environment, awarded STILL the sustainability award this year, just as it did last year. STILL achieved above-average scores in all four sustainability areas. EcoVadis gave top marks to Hamburg-based STILL in the categories of Environmental Management and Labor & Human Rights. In the Ethics and Sustainable Procurement area, STILL was able to significantly improve its score compared to last year.

Dr. Florian Heydenreich, STILL EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Executive Vice-President Sales & Services, noted that they outperformed the European average in all sustainability categories. Heydenreich emphasized that this outcome should be regarded as the outcome of their sustainability strategy, underlining their ongoing efforts to enhance internal logistics for the future and efficiency.

Mustafa Ciper, STILL ARSER Türkiye General Manager, stressed their awareness of the responsibility that comes with STILL’s consecutive EcoVadis certifications in sustainability. Ciper highlighted their diligent implementation of sustainability practices across all their operations in Türkiye.

Founded in 1920, STILL GmbH continues its operations as a leading company in the forklift industry, boasting over 9000 employees worldwide. The company continued its activities under the umbrella of Arkas until 2013. In that year, it established a partnership with STILL GmbH and decided to continue its operations under the name STILL ARSER. STILL ARSER provides services with its headquarters in Istanbul and Izmir, as well as through a dealer network spread across Türkiye. Focusing on rental projects, the brand continues its business partnerships with Türkiye’s leading companies, leveraging its professional staff and a fleet of over 4500 equipment.