The Book “From Mother to Daughter” Receives Two Awards at Gourmand World Cookbook Awards!

Taking its readers on a culinary journey through Izmir’s history, the book “From Mother to Daughter” claimed both the first prize in the “Family Books” category at the Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2023, as well as the second prize in the “Women Books” category, competing against tens of thousands of books from 71 countries.

The World Gourmand Cookbook Awards were held for the 28th time in Riyadh as part of the Saudi Feast Food Festival.

Tracing its roots back to the recipe books of Marguerite Pagy, born in 1875, and her daughter Wanda Arcas, born in 1910, “From Mother to Daughter” brought home two prizes for Türkiye. Written with a narrative storytelling approach, this book encompasses the social and cultural structure of different periods in Izmir’s history.

Curated from the recipe books under the guidance of Arkas Holding Vice President Bernard Arkas and preserved by his aunt Aurette Arcas, the book combines the culinary heritage of Marguerite Pagy and her daughter Wanda Arcas, who are Bernard Arkas’ great-grandmother and grandmother respectively, presenting a flavorful story woven into Izmir’s history, multicultural life, and gastronomy, forming a legacy from the past to the future.

Arkas Holding Corporate Communications Director Berna Kumaş Sipahi, the author Sırma Güven, and Chef Aylin Yazıcıoğlu participated in the ceremony, giving presentations. “From Mother to Daughter” was named the best cookbook in the world by being honored with the first prize in the “Family Books” category as well as with the second prize in the “Women Books” category by the jury of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Sırma Güven, the author of the book, expressed, “From Mother to Daughter witnessed a long journey through the merging paths of the Aliottis from Tuscany, the Pagys from Marseille, and the Arkases from the Adriatic coasts in Izmir, enriched by what they brought from their origins and added at their destination. All the stories I knew and heard about Izmir came to life with the recipes in this notebook. The book serves as a reference for the youth studying Izmir’s culinary culture, a small gift from us to future joyful tables.”

Berna Kumaş Sipahi, Corporate Communications Director of Arkas Holding, said in her speech: “In the book ‘From Mother to Daughter,’ we embark on a journey with the stories of Marguerite Pagy and Wanda Arcas. These two women lived for more than two centuries in the same city and offered a unique perspective on Izmir’s sociological and gastronomic history with their recipes. I thank their grandson, Mr. Bernard Arkas who wanted this story to be told as well as the author Sırma Güven, Chef Aylin Yazıcıoğlu, stylist Candan Varnalı, photographer Derya Turgut, and the Arkas Corporate Communications Team.”

Chef Aylin Yazıcıoğlu, adapting the selected recipes from the recipe books to today’s measurements and tables while staying true to their original versions as much as possible, said, “Watching the transmission on the table from mother to daughter throughout the pages of the book, understanding the subtle differences in the comments throughout the recipes brought to life a more sophisticated kitchen story rather than a simple cookbook. I hope the heroines of ‘From Mother to Daughter,’ the kitchen-centered story of two unique women, will live forever at the tables of future generations. If we can contribute even a little to chefs and gastronomy enthusiasts working on Levantine cuisine, I would be very happy.”

Izmir, a significant port city where diverse cultures and people coexisted in the 1800s, invites readers on a culinary journey, offering a different perspective beyond the commercial relationships, environmental richness, economic development, and social life depicted in history books.

The book “From Mother to Daughter” carrying a legacy to future generations from the women of the Arkas Family, depicts Izmir’s cosmopolitan life between 1875 and 1993, exploring various lives intertwining, vivid interactions, and the transformation of different cuisines into a single culinary tradition.

The Turkish and English editions of “From Mother to Daughter” are available for purchase at Arkas Art Center, Arkas Art Bornova, Arkas Art Urla, Arkas Mattheys Mansion, and online via