The Latest Product of the Outstanding Olive Oil Brand Kristal “Kristal Arbequina” is Now Available for Consumers

Kristal, one of Türkiye’s significant olive oil brands, proudly continues to delight consumers’ palates with its quality products as it celebrates its 86th anniversary. The brand’s latest addition for the 2023-2024 season, Kristal Arbequina extra virgin olive oil, is now exclusively available for purchase on the online sales platform.

Kristal Oil, the pioneer in Türkiye for exporting branded and packaged olive oil, presents a special series collection featuring olive oils sourced from various regions across the country. The latest addition to Kristal’s special series collection for the 2023-2024 season is Kristal Arbequina. The long-established olive oil producer, committed to enhancing its product range while preserving local flavors, now presents consumers with extra virgin olive oil crafted from Arbequina variety olives with this new offering. Celebrated for its distinct aroma and flavor reminiscent of fresh fruits, Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is extracted using the cold-press method. Kristal Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil is favored for a multitude of uses, ranging from salads, appetizers, and main dishes to gourmet tables.

Arbequina is a widely popular Spanish olive cultivar that enjoys high popularity worldwide. Renowned for its distinctive aroma and flavor, extra virgin olive oil produced from Arbequina olives holds a significant position in the gastronomic world. The product is available in 500 ml glass bottles and can be purchased online.