Arkas Arcademia Brings Together Nedim Gürsel and Readers

Arkas Arcademia hosted author Nedim Gürsel, the writer of the book Doğaya Açılan Pencere published with contributions from Arkas Holding, for a meeting with readers.

Located at the Mattheys Mansion in Bornova, restored by Arkas Holding, Arkas Arcademia offers corporate training, events, and discussions. The first discussion of the season featured Nedim Gürsel as a guest.

Author Nedim Gürsel, whose book Doğaya Açılan Pencere was published by Doğan Kitap with contributions from Arkas Holding, discussed his book with readers during the event. Gürsel remarked, “This is not an academic book but rather the perception of a Turkish writer regarding the landscapes and locations portrayed by very famous painters. I aimed for the book to have an impressionistic content, and with Arkas’ support, I was able to share this book with you.” Gürsel provided detailed information about the book, saying, “Painting has been included in some of my previous books, but I had not directly written about art. I can say that I have traveled extensively in France. I know that some landscapes and locations deeply influenced painters. However, I wanted to visit the places where certain painters created their works and blend my perspective with theirs for this purpose. I embarked on some journeys and harmonized my viewpoint with theirs.”

Author Nedim Gürsel also shared an unexpected piece of news about Vincent van Gogh, featured in the third part of his book. “The third part of my book is about Vincent van Gogh. I tried to narrate the last 70 days of Van Gogh. Currently, there is an exhibition titled ‘Van Gogh’s Last 70 Days’ at Musee D’orsay. Everyone is talking about this exhibition. It was an interesting surprise for me,” Gürsel said. After the discussion, Gürsel signed copies of his book.