Arkas Maritime Group Hosts Ozgur Demirtas at Arkas Arcademia

Arkas Maritime Group brought together its business partners at Arkas Arcademia. During the event where Prof. Dr. Ozgur Demirtas led a discussion, future predictions regarding the Turkish and global economies were discussed.

Executives and business partners of Arkas Maritime Group assembled at Arkas Mattheys Mansion, a historic building meticulously restored by Arkas and returned to Izmir, with origins dating back to 1870. The event, hosted by Arkas Line CEO Can Atalay and Arkas Shipping and Transport CEO Cenk Deger took place at Arkas Arcademia, situated within the mansion and serving as Izmir’s “New Experience Center.”

In his opening speech, Arkas Line CEO Can Atalay noted, “Coming together in this mansion, where, after the liberation of Izmir on September 16, 1922, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his comrades were hosted, and where, as we’ve learned from the diaries of hostess Hortense Wood, significant speeches related to the establishment of the Republic were made, holds special significance for us as we convene on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Unfortunately, the ever-changing geography and current situation almost compel us to adapt to different scenarios daily. Living in a world characterized by peace and tranquility is the right of every individual. I wish for a world governed by peace and love. As a company operating in challenging regions, we remain steadfast by your side, equipped to adapt to shifting conditions and devise solutions.” Atalay added, “While the course of the world is being redefined, I hope that the insights of Professor Ozgur will guide us all, based on scientific data, in determining our own direction and path.”

During his speech, Prof. Dr. Ozgur Demirtas offered examples from international markets and stressed that it’s feasible to make predictions about countries by analyzing specific parameters related to economic conditions.