#Kadınerkekeşittirnokta Conference Proclaims “Long Live the Republic, Long Live Equality” on the Turkish Republic’s 100th Anniversary

Sponsored by Arkas Holding, #kadınerkekeşittirnokta (in English: “Women and men are equal, period!”) conference will be held for the fourth time this year, carrying the central theme “Long Live the Republic, Long Live Equality.” This conference is organized by YANINDAYIZ Association, one of the pioneering civil society organizations in Türkiye committed to achieving gender equality.

The 4th #kadınerkekeşittirnokta Conference is scheduled for October 11, 2023, at İş Kuleleri Salonu. In honor of the Republic’s 100th anniversary, YANINDAYIZ Association has chosen “Long Live the Republic, Long Live Equality” as the main theme for this year’s conference. The event will feature inspiring sessions and prominent speakers, demonstrating practical examples of gender equality both in Türkiye and globally.

Selen Okay Akçalı, YANINDAYIZ Association Chairman of the Board, underlined that the #kadınerkekeşittirnokta Conference intends to emphasize that gender equality is not just a women’s concern; it’s a shared responsibility involving men as well. Akçalı stated, “During the conference, we will reflect on women’s roles in the past and present, exploring the evolving facets of masculinity during the Republic’s century. We will provide a platform for our artists to discuss the 100th Century of artists in the Republic, and we’ll invite young voices who will shape our future.”

Arkas Holding, which has been a trailblazer in promoting gender equality for many years, assumes the role of the primary sponsor for this conference that is to host businesspeople, academicians, representatives from non-governmental organizations, artists, political leaders, entrepreneurs, and young individuals. Within Arkas Holding’s headquarters, 40% of white-collar employees are women, and this figure reaches 35% across the entire group, boasting a significantly higher female employment rate profile than the Turkish average. Bernard Arkas, Vice President of Arkas Holding, not only co-founded YANINDAYIZ Association but also actively contributes to gender equality both as the founding member of the association and as a member of the Supervisory Board.

Bringing together distinguished speakers and businesspeople, the conference will be hosted by Mert Fırat, actor and YANINDAYIZ Association Vice Chairman of the Board, along with Özge Borak, another actor.

Seeking Solutions for Gender Inequality in Sessions

The conference will feature sessions on various topics related to gender equality, such as “Changing Lives – Changing Men (Hood),” “Republic as a Women’s Revolution,” “Confrontations,” “A Success Story in Türkiye, a Country of Women’s Volleyball,” “The Century of Artists,” and “Gender Equality from the Youth Perspective in the Second Century.”

Distinguished speakers from the fields of business, art, and sports include Ataman Güneyli, the Coach of the Azerbaijan Women’s National Team and a member of Galatasaray Sports Club Association; researcher and economist Can Selçuki; Faruk Eczacıbaşı, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors at Eczacıbaşı; Levent İhsan Kömür, General Manager of Mey|Diageo Türkiye; journalist and author Meral Tamer; Nazan Moroğlu LL.M; Ömer Aras, Chairman of the Board of Directors at QNB Finansbank; and Social Anthropologist and Author Prof. Dr. Tayfun Atay.

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About YANINDAYIZ Association

YANINDAYIZ Association stands as one of Türkiye’s foremost civil society organizations, and one of the rare few globally, dedicated to achieving gender equality through the active involvement of men. The organization aspires to contribute to the necessary transformations within laws, institutions, and societal norms by fostering awareness through increased and active participation of men. This engagement is aimed at eradicating all forms of discrimination and prejudice that underlie gender-based disparities and inequities. YANINDAYIZ Association embraces values that champion a peaceful advocacy approach, envisaging projects and initiatives that are active, consistent, transparent, and accountable. These projects are rooted in principles of mutual trust and respect, open communication, participation, collaboration, and information-sharing.

YANINDAYIZ Association is dedicated to promoting gender equality by involving men and working alongside them. This extends to various aspects of life, from ending violence against women to education, healthcare, and even sharing responsibilities in household tasks. Founded by visionary and inspiring men who are leaders in their respective fields, YANINDAYIZ Association boasts an active Board of Directors, collaborative working groups, and an advisory board consisting of influential women.