Arkas Arcademia Hosts Human Resources Executives

Arkas Arcademia recently brought together Human Resources executives from leading companies in Izmir. The event featured keynote speakers Evrim Kuran, a researcher and author, and Fatih Uysal, CEO of Kariyer.Net, who discussed the future of human resources in their talks.

Arkas Arcademia, the next-generation experience center that has transformed the 17 years of knowledge and experience of Arkas Academy into economic, cultural, and personal development-focused education and events for the business world, welcomed Human Resources managers as its first guests following its launch.

The event took place at Arkas Arcademia, located in the Mattheys Mansion, which was restored by Arkas Holding and opened a few months ago. HR executives from companies holding the Arcademia Club Card attended the event.

Şengül Atalay, Arkas Holding CHRO, discussed the founding purpose of Arkas Arcademia in her opening speech, emphasizing its role as an outward-facing brand of Arkas Academy. She expressed the desire to collaborate with corporate entities in the Izmir and Aegean region that, like Arkas, are committed to change and development, aiming to empower their managers. Atalay said, “Arkas Arcademia is the brand that represents Arkas Academy to the outside world. We aimed to create a communication platform, a circle of life, especially for corporate structures like ours in the Izmir area, which are eager to change and develop and want to empower their managers. Together, as Human Resources, we aimed to support each other on the path of development.”

Speaking at the event, researcher and author Evrim Kuran noted that the global talent shortage has reached its highest levels worldwide, highlighting the inability to fill open positions. Kuran emphasized that 80% of students in Türkiye aspire to pursue a career abroad if given the opportunity. She listed the most important skills in the field of human resources for 2023 as analytical and creative thinking, resilience, adaptability and agility, motivation and self-awareness, curiosity and lifelong learning, reliability and attention to detail, empathy and active listening, leadership, and social impact, as well as quality control. Kuran stressed that employees who are open to development, who are curious, investigative, and willing to learn can continue their careers successfully in the future.

Fatih Uysal, CEO of Kariyer.Net, mentioned during his speech that the general trend after the pandemic is toward remote work. He pointed out that 80% of women and 60% of men feel resentment and dissatisfaction when asked to return to the office. Uysal explained that research shows that, while remote work is preferred for most of the time, coming to the office during certain periods is preferred for socialization. Uysal also highlighted that technology tends to automate tasks rather than entire professions, with undergraduate and graduate students being at greater risk among professions that can be supported by artificial intelligence.

During the event break, participants had the opportunity to chat while enjoying the delicacies offered by the Jocelyne Patisserie located inside the Mattheys Mansion.

The event program, which can be followed on Arkas Arcademia’s website and social media accounts, includes talks and book signing sessions with valuable figures such as Özgür Demirtaş and Nedim Gürsel, as well as current workshops and workshops.

About Arkas Arcademia

Arkas Arcademia, with its three training rooms and a total capacity of 115 people, hosts meetings, training, and events. With the OdUrla team, it offers corporate hospitality services, and Jocelyne Café’s rich patisserie menu periodically hosts renowned chefs at its pop-up restaurant, offering guests a brand-new experience.

Companies holding the Arkas Arcademia Club Card have the privilege of participating in training and events with priority, in addition to exclusive services. These companies can also organize corporate events and meetings at Arkas Arcademia.

Designed as a unique collaborative workspace and interaction area for companies and organizations with a vision for education and development, Arkas Arcademia offers the opportunity to organize in-house training and events in areas such as leadership skills, economics and finance, sales and marketing, digital transformation, and personal development, which shape their visions.

Companies and organizations holding the Arkas Arcademia Club Card also have the privilege of participating in training and events with priority.