Piri Reis Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary in Style

The 25th anniversary of the Private Piri Reis Schools was marked by a lavish event held at the Lucien Arkas Vineyards.

The evening welcomed employees from the Güzelbahçe and Karşıyaka campuses, as well as educators from the Private Italian School. Notably, the event was graced by the presence of the Trustees and Board Members of the Orion Education Foundation. Speaking at the occasion, Lucien Arkas, Chairman of the Board of the Orion Education Foundation, shared the story of how Piri Reis Schools came into existence when primary education was expanded to 8 years. He mentioned, “When the decision to extend primary education to 8 years was made, we faced the challenge of how to provide quality education at Saint Joseph. In times of difficulty, solutions must be found. Thus, Private Piri Reis Schools commenced their journey 25 years ago, initially operating with half of the classes in containers and the other half in buildings. It soon became evident that this setup was not ideal, prompting us to construct the Karşıyaka campus. And when that wasn’t enough, we built the Güzelbahçe campus. Currently, our focus is on establishing a high school, and rest assured, we’ll overcome that hurdle as well. There’s no such thing as an insurmountable challenge in this world. 25 years is a significant milestone, and I want to assure everyone that there’s no need to worry about the future. You’re already doing an excellent job, and we’re continuously striving to make it even better.”

Highlighting the ever-increasing significance of education, Arkas remarked, “In today’s world, schools and education, especially in recent times, play an incredibly vital role. Your mission is invaluable, and we are profoundly grateful to all of you. The work you do is incredibly meaningful, as these children are not only valuable for our nation but also for the entire world. Loudly proclaim, ‘We are significant individuals.’ Because indeed, you are. That’s why I hold great admiration for you and will always be there to support you.” Following Arkas’s speech, the staff at Private Piri Reis Schools who had dedicated 25, 20, 15, and 10 years of service were presented with well-deserved plaques.

Musical Documentary Screened as Part of the 25th-Anniversary Celebrations

To mark the 25th anniversary of Private Piri Reis Schools, the screening of a musical documentary has been held as part of the celebrations. The 3rd musical documentary, titled “Dinle Çocuk,” (Listen Child) created by artist Pınar Ayhan, has been showcased, telling the stories of young generations rebelling against the complexities of life and finding hope by connecting with the stories of their predecessors who witnessed the War of Independence and the founding of the Turkish Republic.

The documentary features a compelling array of stories, spanning from Afife Jale to Şerife Bacı, Tunalı Hilmi to Mehmet Akif, Mahmut Sadi Irmak to Rauf İnan. It encompasses various locations, from Istanbul to Inebolu, from Eskişehir Çifteler Village Institute to Konya, and even extends from Iraq to Ankara. These tales, with a history of a century, have mesmerized the audience.

The event, hosted by the Parent-Teacher Associations of Private Piri Reis Schools, took place at the Suat Taşer Theater in Bostanlı. Prior to the documentary screening, the school’s Güzelbahçe and Karşıyaka campuses presented mini concerts, featuring student choirs. Approximately 800 students and parents attended this remarkable event.