Arkas Arcademia, Izmir’s New Art and Experience Center

Arkas Holding undertook the renovation of the barn and cistern sections within the garden of the restored Mattheys Mansion in Bornova. These areas have now been transformed into Arkas Arcademia. By blending the cultures of its geographical area with contemporary elements, Arkas Arcademia, the newly established art and experience center in Izmir, provides visitors with a captivating historical experience in the city.

Since its establishment in 2007, Arkas Academy has been dedicated to the professional and personal growth of Arkas employees, inspired by the motto of Arkas Holding Chairman Lucien Arkas “It all starts with a dream”. Lucien Arkas, who restored the historic Mattheys Mansion and integrated it into Izmir’s cultural and artistic scene, emphasized the significance of dreaming as the starting point for all endeavors. Arkas Academy, which has so far provided training only for Arkas employees, has created a new organization called “Arcademia” to share its knowledge and experience with other institutions and organizations. Arkas Arcademia stands out as an experience center where Arkas Academy, with more than 15 years of experience and know-how, will offer trainings and events for economic, cultural and personal development.

“Arkas Arcademia”, located in the Mattheys Gardens at the Mattheys Mansion, where the cistern and barn sections were renovated and opened with the vision of Bernard Arkas, Vice Chairman of Arkas Holding, will host many breakthroughs, training sessions and talks for the business world. The renovated cistern and barn sections were transformed into three different halls, A1, A2 and A3, for events and trainings. The multi-purpose halls of Arkas Arcademia offer the flexibility to create various seating arrangements based on specific requirements and preferences. Arkas Arcademia extends an exclusive opportunity to member institutions and organizations holding the Arkas Arcademia Card. They can utilize the halls located in Mattheys Gardens to host trainings, special events, and meetings. Additionally, they can enjoy corporate hospitality, which includes specially crafted menus prepared by Chef Osman Sezener and his team, featuring seasonal ingredients.

Training at Arkas Arcademia

Expert trainers curate a diverse array of training content covering a wide range of topics at Arkas Arcademia. These topics include economy, finance, sales and marketing, digital transformation, leadership skills, and personal development. Primarily, these training sessions are tailored for Arkas Arcademia Card member institutions and organizations, ensuring they receive specialized and high-quality educational experiences. Arkas Arcademia Card member organizations have the privilege of accessing professional training focused on emerging trends in the business world. These training programs aim to enhance the competence and skill development of their management staff and employees, contributing to sustainable success within their respective industries. Training contents are also planned according to the changing dynamics of the world, the competencies targeted by the World Economic Forum, and the sectoral and departmental needs of Arkas Arcademia Card member companies and organizations.

Corporate Hospitality

Arkas Arcademia also offers hospitality services for catered corporate meetings, meals during training breaks and special events. In halls with different capacities, the seating arrangement can be planned according to the needs, while the table setting can be chosen from the alternatives. The menus are specially prepared by Chef Osman Sezener and his team. Refreshments between meetings are also among the services provided. In addition, Arkas Arcademia’s hospitality services include thematic restaurant events that will periodically host local and international chefs.