Sail Away! Countdown for the Arkas Aegean Link Regatta is Underway!

The Arkas Aegean Link Regatta sails off the shores of Cesme for the seventh time! The Turkish Sailing League champions will also get their trophies at the race, which serves as the league’s final leg. The Arkas Aegean Link Regatta, which will feature J70 class boats for the first time, can be viewed from the coasts of Cesme.

For the seventh year in a row, the Arkas Aegean Link Regatta, Cesme’s traditional and international competition, is prepared to watch the dance of yachts with the wind. Organized by Arkas, the Turkish Sailing Federation, EAYK (Aegean Offshore Yacht Club), and Cesme Marina, the competition will take place this year from August 22 to 27, with the goal of expanding sailing in Türkiye and making the sport more popular in Cesme.

The teams from Bulgaria and Russia will say “We are here to dance with the wind in this beautiful geography” in the eagerly awaited event full of bravery, competition, and excitement every year in Cesme, which is one of the top racecourses in the world for sailing and yacht racing in terms of wind.

The principal sponsor of this year’s Arkas Aegean Link Regatta, which is anticipated to draw substantial participation, is Arkas Line, the shipping company of Arkas. As in the previous year, FAMM Urla, one of FD Architecture’s most stunning realizations of ecological and sustainable architecture, is also making a contribution to the race. YUZU Beach is the host of the grand finale celebration.

They Will Blow Like the Wind 

On the evening of August 22, the first day of the race, which will begin the following day after Cesme Marina’s inaugural cocktail celebration at the Yacht Club, also coincides with a memorable day. On August 23rd – Ride Like the Wind Day – sailors will tackle the strong waves and strong winds of the Cesme sea in a single race. This special day is organized to celebrate freedom and adventure. Ride Like the Wind Day invites people to watch the harmony of the sea and the wind in Cesme, famous for its wind.

Special 100th Anniversary Race and Trophy

The 100th Year race, which is sponsored by the Cesme Municipality, will take place on the second day of the competition.  The teams will collect their 100th Year Special Trophies at the ceremony, which will be held at the Cesme Municipality City Terrace after the race, where they will compete to be the first to cross the finish line in two buoy races off the coast of Ilica.

A New Breath in the Race: J70

The third day of the race will see the addition of the J70 class out on the water. With four members per team, Arkas’ Four Musketeers will compete on their new J70 boats, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’artagnan. The qualifying method for the buoy races will involve 15-20 minute circuits. The races, which begin at 12:00, can be watched from the front area of Dilaila Beach Club all day long.

Sailors will be treated to a concert by Evrim Ozkaynak and her Band in the evening, and their trophies, handcrafted by ceramic artist Verda Sipahi, will be presented to them.

The J70, a one-design racing boat that has quickly gained popularity among sailors worldwide due to its sturdy and balanced construction, will make its debut in Cesme waters. With their easily removable carbon mast, which can be quickly and easily disassembled and transferred to the trailer when the keel is pulled, these boats, which can be used by beginners or amateur/professional sailing athletes, have very convenient features for races, training sessions, and daily trips. Another reason for the J70s’ quick global adoption is their advantages in rigging and shipping. Arkas Cesme Sailing Club started this course in an effort to get more people interested in sailing.

Last Leg of the Turkish Yacht League is Arkas Aegean Link Regatta

Following the MDK “Cabotage” Cup, the 52nd Naval Forces Cup, the Coast Guard Cup, and the Halicarnassus 100th Year Cup, the Arkas Aegean Link Regatta will be the fifth and final leg of the Turkish Yacht League, which will be staged for the first time this year by the Turkish Sailing Federation. The league, which was formed to raise interest in the world of sailing and extend this sport to a wider range, had 45 teams and over 450 athletes this year.

A Glorious Double-Cup Finale at Yuzu Beach

There is a winner at the end of every obstacle, and there is fun at the end of the Arkas Aegean Link Regatta. The Arkas Aegean Link Regatta and the TYF Yacht League champions will be presented with their trophies on the same night. As a result, the TYF Yacht League will be treated to a double trophy ceremony, including the Championship trophy. The magnificent final night will be held at YUZU Beach, where the entertainment will rise with the live performance and stage of Iskender Paydas & Orchestra.

The Arkas Aegean Link Regatta winner will keep the prize for a year. In the next race a year later, the trophy will be awarded to the new champion. The boat that triumphs in the competition five years in a row will hold the prize in perpetuity.