Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team to Compete in France and Malta

Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team, celebrated for their remarkable achievements in sailing competitions abroad, once more sets sail in international waters with their boat Blue Moon. Following Les Voiles St. Tropez, the team is gearing up for the Middle Sea Race Rolex Cup in October with the goal of adding a new trophy to their collection.

Arkas Sailing Team, renowned for their national and international accomplishments, comprises a group of dedicated professional sailors. Established in 2013, the Arkas Sailing Team took the name Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team in 2018. Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team, comprising entirely of Turkish and professional sailors, passionately embraces the mission of fostering and passing on the art of sailing to younger generations. The team is also highly regarded for their accomplishments on the European stage.

Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team is composed of experienced sailors with years of dedication to the sport. Team members include Tolga Yagli, Serhat Altay, Serkan Yapan, Batu Zingal, Altug Senermen, Deniz Altay, Mert Cizmecioğlu, Turgut Gurbuz, Berk Can Cankaya, Targan Hazarhun, Metin Serifhan, Safak Temir, and Alican Ugan Urlu.

Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team has left a lasting mark in the world of sailing by participating in prestigious international and national races including the Rolex Malta Middle Sea Race, Marmaris International Race Week, BAYK Winter Trophy, Navy Cup, and EAYK-Cesme Marina Winter Trophy, achieving remarkable successes along the way.

Turkish team, Turkish shipyard, and Turkish artists – a celebration of national talent and dedication

The MAT 1220 model Blue Moon, a product of Arkas’ collaboration with Izmir-based boat builder M.A.T. since 2018, gracefully sailed the blue waters of the Arkas Aegean Link Regatta, which was organized for the first time in Cesme last year. Blue Moon, making its maiden voyage on August 8th, is the MAT 1220 model – a new design featuring a larger, lighter, and more modern boat. Despite its inaugural race and challenging weather conditions, Blue Moon and its team achieved an impressive first-place ranking in IRC 0 and second place in the overall category.

Arkas Holding Vice President Bernard Arkas provided insights into the new boat’s production and explained, “Given that our logo embodies a world shape and our color is blue, the name ‘Blue Moon’ was a wonderfully fitting choice.” So I envisioned a theme through Blue Moon. This theme was also perfectly brought to life by our two valuable artists. We collaborated with Sedat Girgin, a renowned illustration artist in Türkiye, and Evrim Duyar, an airbrush artist who had previously worked on boat designs. The inclusion of “Harpi” on the mainsail is a nod to its mythological significance as the embodiment of unfavorable winds. Indeed, the use of such visuals, reminiscent of Viking traditions, was often employed to intimidate and strike fear into the hearts of enemies during battle. Overseas, significant attention is dedicated to the meticulous design of boats and sails. To stand alongside Prada and other prominent brands, a distinctive and unique approach is essential. Sedat Girgin skillfully transformed the design in my mind into a tangible reality through his meticulous sketch work. The work he accomplished on the main sail, Genoa sail, and the boat’s board was undeniably impressive, even in its monochromatic form. Airbrush artist Evrim Duyar masterfully translated the illustrative work onto the sail and the boat’s board in a remarkably brief period. In the end, from its conception to its construction, Blue Moon proudly represents the collaboration of a 100 percent Turkish team, a Turkish shipyard, and Turkish artists.

Two International Races Next

The team, celebrated for previous triumphs including the BAYK Winter Trophy first, Turkish Yacht Championship first, Eayk-Cesme Marina Winter Trophy IRC A1, and Giraglia Rolex Cup Inshore second place, is gearing up for France’s Les Voiles St. Tropez, scheduled for September 29 to October 8, 2023.  Les Voiles St. Tropez showcases a diverse array of vessels, including classics, modern yachts, and sports boats, with around 600 boats participating in this thrilling event.

The Arkas team, slated to participate in the Middle Sea Race Rolex Cup in Malta from October 22 to 29, achieved an exceptional feat by securing first place in IRC3 in the offshore category in 2015, a race renowned as one of the toughest in the Mediterranean.

Arkas M.A.T. Sailing Team aspires to return from both races adorned with trophies.