Arkas Establishes Container Villages

Arkas Holding and Arkas group companies continue to work to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster and to quickly reach the victims in need.

The aid mobilization started by Arkas and Arkas group companies and volunteer employees on the first day of the earthquake continues to create more permanent, medium-term solutions for the earthquake victims.

Taking action to help people in Kahramanmaras, Hatay, Adiyaman, Gaziantep, Malatya, Osmaniye, Kilis, Adana, Sanliurfa and Diyarbakir, where approximately 13.5 million of our citizens are located, and to heal the wounds of the earthquake disaster which caused severe destruction and to support them in rebuilding their lives, Arkas started efforts to set up “Container Villages” in different locations.

In the first phase, the production and furnishing of 350 container houses to be built on two separate lands in Kahramanmaras, where the infrastructure arrangement and all permit procedures have been completed, will be finished and these houses are planned to be allocated to earthquake victims within two months. Marport, a subsidiary of Arkas, undertook the construction of 200 container houses planned for the first phase. Land surveys and feasibility studies are also ongoing for the continuation of the project, titled “Arkas Yasam Merkezleri” (Arkas Life Centers). For the two-room container houses in these living centers, all details are planned for earthquake victims to live a comfortable life in addition to all interior furnishings, infrastructure, landscaping, and social areas.


From day one, Arkas Logistics, began transporting relief supplies to the earthquake zone in coordination with AFAD and in accordance with the urgent and prioritized needs identified and has so far delivered 57 trucks of relief supplies and 13 trucks of container houses to the region. 65 tents were made and delivered to the earthquake-stricken regions, while 2000 heaters were shipped to Iskenderun.

Due to highway congestion, Arkas Logistics took action to deliver more relief supplies per trip and in cooperation with the Turkish State Railways, Arkas Logistics transported 15 wagons of containers with relief supplies prepared according to the AFAD emergency needs list by rail from Derince to Iskenderun.

In cooperation with Arkpet, Arkas Logistics continues to create quick and solution-oriented different transportation solutions for the earthquake zones for the delivery of 30,000 liters of diesel oil from Derince to the Turkish Red Crescent in Hatay, the delivery of heated containers, capable of housing 4 persons and equipped with generator cabins, air compressors, mobile electricity solutions and cargo lifts, to earthquake zones and the delivery of hot meals from Istanbul to Gaziantep and Hatay in reefer containers capable of maintaining a constant temperature.

In addition to delivering supplies to the zones, kitchens were set up in two different regions in Hatay with the support of Arkas Volunteers. 

Arkas Holding has set up a crisis desk and is working hard to ensure that all support is delivered to the earthquake victims in coordination, while kitchens have been set up in two different regions of Hatay, in Arsuz and Defne districts, to supply and serve food for three thousand people three times a day.

The mobile kitchen in Arsuz provides three hot meals a day and 24/7 soup service in “Cadirkent” (Tent City) (next to Ayla Naci Uyar Anatolian High School) in cooperation with Hatay Arsuz Municipality and Izmir Chefs Association.

The hot meals prepared in the kitchen in Defne, where Kristal Oil also supplies products, are delivered to the surrounding villages by Arkas Volunteers with the vehicles provided by Arkas Otomotiv.

We stand by our earthquake-stricken employees living in the region

Arkas is also working to meet the needs of its earthquake-stricken employees working in the region. Each of the Arkas Human Resources headquarters contacted the employees working in these regions personally and received information about damage assessment and the situation of their relatives. Personnel support continues in this direction.

Arkas garages, warehouses and tow trucks in Mersin, Gaziantep and Iskenderun were repurposed into social housing and accommodation for Arkas staff and their families. Arkas employees and their relatives staying in these areas continue to be provided with three meals on a regular basis. Permanent solutions to their shelter are in the works.

Following debris removal, Arkas aims to continue providing support to earthquake victims in order to heal the humane wounds in the region and to ease the victims back into daily life. In line with this goal, Arkas will continue to closely monitor the needs in disaster areas and work in coordination with relevant public institutions and organizations to meet these needs.