Father's Day

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Sonora Smart Dodd, who was the daughter of an American Civil War veteran, thought that fathers should also have a day to be remembered like Mother’s Day, as Dodd’s father raised his 6 children alone after their mother passed away. Even though she had tried hard to have the birthday of her own father, of June 5, to be declared as Father’s Day, planning difficulties pushed the date forward. So, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington on June 19, 1910, and since then this special day has been celebrated on the third week of June.  

The starting point of this day was to appreciate fathers on Father’s Day as well, while Mother’s Day was already celebrated. Because indeed, the relationship between children and fathers plays a key role in the development of many abilities and skills ranging from vocabulary to analytic intelligence in kids. Studies show that developing the role of a father is easier for men who spend more time with their children, engage in physical contact with them and help in terms of self-care. Especially in the preschool period, it is important for a father to encourage his child to do physical activities in order to prepare them for the outside world, as this helps building the child’s self-confidence one step at a time until they finally gain autonomy.  

The father’s active presence and, thus, meeting the outside world for the first time shows the child that the world is a safe place. How comfortable children are in the presence of other people, depends on the love, positive communication and unconditional acceptance they received from their father. While the father’s impact on building the child’s self-confidence and helping them to adapt to the world is undeniable, we do not forget the men who carry and show the feeling of fatherhood, as well as make it felt without being a biological father. The expression “He was a father to me” indicates the intensity of emotions felt for this person.    

Today is a day which was a gift from a daughter to a father, but then became a gift to all fathers in the world. Father’s Day gives the opportunity for all children who see their father as their first hero, first love, their rock, their bond of love, their most entertaining playmate, captain, guide, teacher, and role model to embrace and express their love to them.  

Arkasians have also talked about their fathers and expressed their love for them with the hashtag #benimbabam in Arkas News… 

Happy Father’s Day to all those who make a good father…  


My father has left me a company to grow, but above all he has left behind a name that is respected. This capital has helped me proceed. Following my father’s footsteps, I have continued in the maritime business and have always loved my father’s profession. I grew up in the sea, I have earned my bread from the sea, thus, I cannot imagine living in a place without the sea. My father used to say that “the sea has never left anyone without food. More or less there is always bread in it to put on the table.


If you regard fatherhood as providing any opportunity to one’s family, lending a helping hand both morally and financially to not only one’s immediate family but also one’s extended family whenever they face a problem, or as being there for matters that require arbitration and standing by your side through thick and thin; then #myfather is an outstanding father and leader of the family. I have been working with my father for over 25 years now. He is a very brave businessman who does not like to lose. He is such a leader whom you always believe in and follow wherever he leads you.


Even in my early years, I could feel the strength of my father’s character. I admired him. I was trying to be like him and imitating everything he did. My father’s leadership is a natural one, you follow him naturally on your own. One of his most impressing characteristic properties is that he can see the essence of any issue by leaving out the details. If there is a problem, I always know that he will solve it no matter what and I feel safe with him. During the times we have worked together, I have always witnessed how farsighted all his strategies and investments are. I’m glad that he is #myfather.