Hearing, Seeing and Understanding Yourself / Ahu Erkmen

Before I met coaching in 2015, my perception of coaching was very different from what it really is. I thought that coaching was a kind of consultancy, leadership or guidance. On the first day I started my coaching training, our trainer coach invited me to the stage for a demonstration and we had a small session together. When I got off the stage, I felt that I was in something completely different, something completely different awakened inside me. I was very impressed.

I have been coaching for about 6 years. And, I can happily say that I feel the same curiosity and excitement in every session. If I need to describe the meaning of coaching for me in an only one sentence, I’d say it is about “to see, hear, understand yourself fully”.

One of the biggest needs of people today is to be understood. We try to explain ourselves in our own language, we want to be understood and we relax when we believe that we are understood. So, what do we experience when they don’t understand us? Visualize a moment when another person does not understand you, take a look at yourself, what are you experiencing at that moment?

There are also many song lyrics on this issue: “If only you understood me a little bit”, “Understand me”, “You wouldn’t understand, you wouldn’t understand”, “You understand, right?”, “Why don’t you understand”.

How important it is to be understood… So, do we understand ourselves? Do we really listen to our inner voice to understand ourselves?

At this point, “coaching” is a very powerful tool to fathom the depths of both ourselves and the situation we are in. In the coaching session, the client comes with a topic and, together with the coach’s questions on this topic, in the four dimensions of existence, defines what he or she experiences in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions. The client looks at the situation from different perspectives thanks to the coaching tools. When they look in this way, they begin to notice the factors they have not seen before. After this stage, it is the person’s own decision what to do with what they see and realize.

For example, wouldn’t our decision be much healthier if we could fully listen to ourselves and see all aspects of our circumstances before making an important decision? Or is it not possible for us to find a solution to a problem we struggle with, in the same way?

The word “coach” means “to carry from one place to another”. Coaching is a derived word from that. People who want to get a coaching service have a point they want to reach about themselves in a certain subject. That’s why, as Arkas’s Internal Coaches, our motto for this work is “A Journey to Our Inner Sea”. While the client travels to their inner sea with the coach, the task of the coach is to accompany the client in the best way by asking questions and using a set of tools.

On my own behalf, I am extremely happy to be a part of such a program that helps people to better understand themselves through the subject he chooses. I invite all my colleagues who want to experience this journey to join us.

Sincerely yours,