Arkas Logistics Once Again Leads The Pack…

Arkas Logistics is about to undertake the largest export of goods done so far by rail, in terms of the length of the wagon and the total distance covered.

Carrying thirty wagons and sixty containers, the freight train to travel from Bozuyuk/Bilecik to the City of Osh in Kyrgyzstan is transporting electrical cables. Set to cover 5,500 kilometers in total, the train is the first export train in Turkey to travel so large a distance with so many wagons and containers at one go.

The transport itself, a good example for “Contactless Operation” brought to the foreground by Arkas Logistics due to the COVID-19 outbreak, shows that rail transport is a promising line of business with lots of growth potential.

Allowing contactless transport of goods, rail transport has once again proved to be the saving grace in these challenging times when international customs gates for land routes are facing serious challenges due to the outbreak and the risk of human contact. Able to be operated by two engineers and so allowing for an almost contactless operation with no risk of infection, trains help keep the pandemic under control; keeping business and the supply chains running.

Onur Gocmez, CEO of Arkas Logistics

Arkas has been investing in railways for long years and is ready as ever to offer the best solution to its customers when they need it. With 700 railcars in its fleet, Arkas Logistics transports on rail import and export trade containers from Turkey’s leading industrial cities to ports. Arkas Logistics, who is considered a trailblazer for having started scheduled services from Turkey on Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway, continues to prepare for two new road terminals, one in Yenice, Mersin and the other Kartepe, Izmit.

Onur Gocmez, CEO of Arkas Logistics, said, “The amount of the load we have transported on the BTK line from Turkey to CIS countries has exceeded 65,000 tons. Arkas Logistics is carrying half the total tonnage transported on this line. We are planning to serve twice instead of once. This way, we will make sure that we can answer the increasing demand from Turkish exporters while standing with both businesses and the state in these challenging times.”