Freshness Arrives at Black Sea with Arkas Line

Arkas Line, standing out with its weekly vessel services to the Black Sea, supports exporters making shipments to the Black Sea by shortening the transit periods for fresh goods with its reefer containers. It also contributes to the national economy by providing the continuity of the supply chain.

While the world is fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, changes in trading require different solutions for current needs in the shipping and logistics industries, as well. Long queues arising from the inspections at the land border gates of the countries and the travel restrictions cause delays in road shipments nowadays. Maritime transportation provides a reasonable solution thanks to one- or two-days long port-to-port transit times.

Arkas Line, maintaining its services to 68 ports all over the world in the current challenging climate for business, supports exporters with its weekly services and reefer container solutions.

Solution: Arkas Line’s Weekly Regular Black Sea Services

The fact that perishable goods like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and dairy products have a certain shelf life is one of the matters the exporters need to take into account in terms of mode of transport and time. Fresh goods need to be delivered to their destinations via direct services rather than indirect ones.

Exporters can get their fresh products to the Black Sea with Arkas Line’s direct vessel services departing from Marport regardless of the location of production. After the products are loaded into the refrigerated containers in Marport, they are sent to ports in the Black Sea via Arkas Line’s weekly, regular vessel services. Refrigerated loads, which are transported to the Constanza Port of Romania in a single day in the first stage, maintain the cold chain; ensuring the timely arrival of goods at their destination. A perfect tribute to the motto “We are the driving force behind supply chain” of Arkas.