Kristal is In The Kitchen So That You Can “Stay Safe”

The “Stay Safe” (“Sen Guvende Kal”) initiative, started by Chef Umut Karakus and gastronomy writer Ebru Eke to help get food to people in need in collaboration with a group of chefs and volunteers, is now supported by Kristal Oil.

Aiming to support and alleviate the distress of people in need like the elderly or those requiring home care to some extent by cooking healthy food for them, the initiative provides healthy menus cooked with Kristal Oil that carefully takes into account the daily food requirements, all thanks to the Nutritionist Dilara Kocak.

The “Stay Safe” initiative uses the motto “All for One, One for All” in these challenging times when we once again learn to appreciate the nature, the mother earth and its gifts. Within the scope of the initiative, Turkey’s most important chefs will go into the kitchen of Kadikoy Municipality that has all the cooking and distribution licenses and cook 2,400 dishes for 1,200 people in the initial stage. The foods will be packaged at the same place in accordance with food distribution criteria and delivered to people in need by the municipality in a safe way.

The foods will be cooked by two chefs and young teams helping them each day. The organization is currently supported by Ahmet Can Aras, Ali Ronay, Ali-Buse Dovenci, Aliye Gumus, Aylin Yazicioglu, Burak Zafer, Cigdem Seferoglu, Ebru Erke, Esen Hunal, Hazer Amani, Maksut Askar, Rafet Ince, Ismet Saz, Mihta Yildirimtas, Sinan Budeyri, Umut Karakus, Yaren Carpar and Zeynep Tugce Koltuk; however, all chefs who wish to contribute to the initiative are welcome.