‘Safe Production and Grape Harvest’ in Lucien Arkas Vineyard

It is grape harvest time in the fertile Aegean lands… The grape harvest of Lucien Arkas Vineyard, the biggest single parcel of organic vineyard in Turkey, began as of the second week of August. Lucien Arkas Vineyard is the first producer to receive a ‘TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate’ in this field in Turkey. The Vineyard produces Chateau, and grapes are processed immediately after the harvest. Grapes are harvested in the night chill under the moonlight.

Situated on the Ancient Metropolis lands, Lucien Arkas Vineyard blends the Aegean soil, water and climate with the care, affection and patience, creating a distinctive flavor. It is now the harvest time in Lucien Arkas Vineyard. Grape harvest is carried out with the highest safety measures fully compliant with hygiene rules and the COVID-19 Guide issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health.  The dominant winds throughout the year contribute to the quality of grapes in the vineyard. ‘Ecocert’ certified organic viniculture methods are adopted in cultivation; and harvests are carried out during the night chill. This method helps to preserve the authentic fruity aroma of grapes generated by the terroir.

The first producer to receive ‘TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate’

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Lucien Arkas Vineyard has prioritized practices aimed at safeguarding the human health in all steps, and it has taken all hygienic measures starting from the entrance through the whole facility. Lucien Arkas Vineyard, the owner of the first ‘TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate’ in this field in Turkey, maintained COVID-19 measures in compliance with the COVID-19 Guide issued by the Turkish Ministry of Health. Workplace arrangements have been revised without compromising the mask, social distance and hygiene rules. Lucien Arkas Vineyard successfully received the TSE COVID-19 Safe Production Certificate after undergoing inspections.

Lucien Arkas Vineyard will maintain its production prioritizing public health.

Lucien Arkas Vineyard