24/7 Open Office: Limon

Limon (Port-Online), a mobile application developed by Marport Terminal Operators for its employees within the scope of digitalization, is ready to use.

The first steps of the Limon Project, the name of which was inspired by the words “liman” (Turkish for “port”) and “online”, were taken at the start of last year. The project has been designed to meet all kinds of individual needs of Marport employees 24/7 in the digital environment. Having been developed to provide remote access to all employees of Marport Terminal Operators, Limon’s functions enable to access office transactions 24/7 online.

Another aim is to increase in-house communication by using the application, which was launched under the leadership of the Directorate of Human Resources with the coordination of the Directorate of Information Systems and the contributions of the Business Development team.

Personnel and contact information, leave management screens, payrolls, information on trainings received, ethics hotline, suggestion system, platforms to perform various questionnaires, occupational safety notifications, in-house announcements, different procedures and regulations, menus to send individual requests; all of them can be reached via Limon. Later on, in-house recruitment, training and development planning modules, which are still being designed, will be included in the application that is open for upgrade.

Furthermore, people who downloaded the app other than the employees of the company will be able to get information about news, job vacancies and events at Marport. Limon, which was downloaded by nearly 400 Marport employees on the first day it was launched in Google Play Store and App Store, is used by almost all employees of the company. With its active feedback system, the goal is to enhance employee satisfaction.

The use of Limon application is planned to be made more prevalent soon in all companies of the “Port and Terminal Operators Group”.