Arkas Logistics Adds 40 new Ford F-MAX Trucks With ITOY Award By Investing 35 Million Turkish Liras in its Fleet

While Arkas Logistics continues with fleet investments, it also maintains its cooperation with Ford Trucks, the heavy commercial brand of Ford Otosan. Investing once again in 40 new Ford F-MAX trucks that have recently won the International Truck of the Year (ITOY) award, Arkas Logistics keeps renewing its fleet and reducing carbon emissions within this scope. After this new investment, the rate of vehicles of Arkas Logistics, which have eco-friendly Euro 6 engines, has increased to 50%.

With the aim to strengthen and renew its fleet as well as to increase its performance, the investments of Arkas Logistics continue this year, too, without slowing down. The company has added 40 Ford F-MAX trucks to its fleet by investing an amount of 35 Million Turkish Liras.

When we take into account that road transport causes 91.5% of carbon emissions in Turkey, increasing the use of eco-friendly technologies in the logistics sector is of great importance in terms of sustainability. Providing a complete logistics service by offering maritime, air, land and railway transport services as well as storage, distribution and special projects transport services, Arkas Logistics also considers sustainability in all its business processes while making investments particularly due to having the responsibility of a big land transport fleet. While the company makes sure that the fleet remains young and strong by renewing its vehicles every year, it prefers vehicles that are in accordance with environmental requirements of the sustainable world.

Serhat Kurtuluş, General Manager of Arkas Logistics, said the following words in his press release: “In pandemic conditions, the definition of the “complete logistics” service that we offer and the importance of its function has been clearly seen. On the other hand, the fact that we need green logistics has been underlined again; a topic that has been on our agenda for years now. Our primary strategy for the new period as Arkas Logistics is to offer fast solutions to our customers by extending the non-contact service model with digital solutions according to current conditions. In this way, we keep investing to expand our current services and use opportunities from new business areas.

Arkas Lojistik Genel Müdürü Serhat Kurtuluş

We are expanding our objectives with our self-owned fleet, which travels 30,500,000 km annually, and enhancing our service quality. We keep being the power behind logistics and creating value for our economy with our self-owned fleet, professional business partners and employees. At this point, we have a long-term cooperation based on trust with Ford Trucks, which we regard as our business partner. We are once again glad to add trucks to our fleet, which were completely developed by Turkish engineers and produced in Turkey. We are satisfied with our Ford F-MAX Trucks that we already have in our fleet not only regarding their performance, fuel consumption and technological equipment, but also the cost of ownership”,

After this new investment, the rate of vehicles of Arkas Logistics, which have eco-friendly Euro 6 engines, has increased to 50%. Ford F-MAX trucks, which are compliant to the Euro 6 standard, reduce carbon emissions thanks to fuel-efficiency.  The fuel consumption of new vehicles will improve by 5% on km per liter basis.  It is estimated to travel 240,000 km with 40 vehicles per month. Every year, Arkas Logistics will save 117 thousand liters of fuel.

Stating that he is pleased to expand the cooperation with Arkas Logistics, one of the leading brands in the logistics sector, Ford Trucks Turkey Director Burak Hoşgören continues:

“As Ford Trucks, our cooperation with Arkas Logistics, which has been going on for years now, is growing stronger. We have a long-established relationship based on trust in both sales and after-sales services. Last year, we started a new chapter in this cooperation with our F-MAX truck that has won an international award. Now, we are increasing the number of Ford Trucks branded vehicles to 175, which we have delivered until today, by handing over 40 more F-MAX trucks to Arkas Logistics. The increasing number of Ford Trucks vehicles in Arkas Logistics’ vehicle park shows that our cooperation is growing stronger. We believe that F-MAX, highly demanded in both domestic and foreign markets, will provide maximum efficiency for and contribute to Arkas Logistics with its advanced technological equipment and its high-performance engine, whose 500 PS engine power and low fuel consumption of draws attention. Having been the most preferred truck model of 2020 within its own segment in Turkey, F-MAX provides a 6% improvement compared to previous models with its superior aerodynamics, excellent performance in terms of transfer system calibration and fuel consumption. Furthermore, thanks to the ConnecTruck application, the fleet owners can see on the map where, on which route their trucks are and what they are doing at any time. They can also access all current and previous data on the vehicle. While F-MAX is reducing maintenance and ownership costs, it will also meet the needs of the masters of Arkas Logistics by offering them a broad and comfortable cabin. We would like to thank Arkas Logistics for their trust in us and our brand.”