Colorful Online Activities Offered by Arkas Art Center for Children on Semester Break

Arkas Art Center prepared online activities full of “texture”, “line” and “color” for children. The aim of these free “Colorful Online Activities for Children on Semester Break” was to encourage them to think more creatively, to make new discoveries in art and have fun. Other educational and creative activities offered by Arkas Art Center could also be watched via the Youtube channel.

For the semester break, Arkas Art Center arranged a special activity calendar for children, which included many discoveries and much fun. With the program, themed ‘Colorful Online Activities for Children on Semester Break’, children were enabled to discover basic issues of art such as “Line”, “Color” and “Texture”. Workshops, which aimed to develop children’s eye-hand coordination, aesthetic taste and creativity by trying out different methods, were held via the Zoom meeting application. A limited number of participants were accepted to these free workshops. Children between 5-7 years and 8-10 years participated in the workshops that took place in two sessions on January 27, February 3, and February 10 at 12 pm and 2 pm.

5-7 year olds: When Cheerful Lines Meet
Time: 12 pm
8-10 year olds: Masters of Lines
Time: 2 pm

5-7 year olds: Colors of the Seasons
Time: 12 pm
8-10 year olds: Color Experiment
Time: 2 pm

5-7 year olds: Ragged Objects: Texture in Art
12 pm
8-10 year olds: Explorers of Texture
Time: 2 pm