Arkas Supports KAÇUV in Raising Awareness of Childhood Cancer

Each year, individuals under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer, which corresponds to 2 to 4 percent of global cancer cases. Arkas is also a supporter of the activities done by KAÇUV (Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer) to raise awareness of this issue. While the “Awareness Seminar on Cancer and Childhood Cancer”, organized by Arkas Academy, was held online, a contribution was also given to the project when it was shared on social media accounts with the hashtag #sarıyıfarket (notice the yellow).

Every year, KAÇUV conducts awareness-raising projects during the week of February 15 to draw attention to childhood cancer. This project draws attention to the importance of early diagnosis of cancer by creating public awareness about childhood cancer and gives information on its prevention and symptoms. Arkas Academy and Arkasians in particular, are also supporting this project to raise public awareness. The online “Awareness Seminar on Cancer and Childhood Cancer” organized within this scope has attracted a great deal of attention. Berna Baykal and Betül Örüklü, the Fundraising Coordinator and Education Specialist of KAÇUV respectively, participated in the seminar as speakers. In this event, answers to curious questions were sought in the information given on childhood cancer types. Moreover, under the guidance of Arkas Academy, Arkasians have shown their support to the project by sharing the hashtag #sarıyıfarket on their social media accounts.

It is stated that five thousand children receive cancer treatment each year in Turkey. It has been observed that the more the society is aware of cancer and as the access to doctors becomes easier, the more the success rate of the treatment increases.