Marport Provides Online Education Support for Maritime Students

Marport keeps supporting students even during the pandemic process. This year the 3rd Port Trainings, organized with the collaboration of Marport and the Maritime Students’ Association (DÖDER), were held online via Youtube. During these four-day trainings, Marport managers shared their experiences in both technical and theoretical subjects.

This time the 3rd Port Trainings, which were held face-to-face with the collaboration of DÖDER in the past years, took place online due to pandemic conditions. In these trainings, students were taught about “port types, container types, vessel operations, yard operations, CFS operations, port entry and exit operations, commercial fees”.

On the first day of the event, Tolga Özbey, Business Development and Operational Trainings Manager at Marport, provided an overview about port services under the headings “port types”, “container types, conditions and categories”, “container handling equipment” and “container operations”.  On the second day of the training, Can Ünal, Planning Manager at Marport, met with the students. After giving information on vessel and yard operation trainings, Ünal explained vessel and yard operations by clarifying the blocks and stacks at ports, yard areas and yard traffic, and how a container yard is established, and which strategies are applied. On the third day, Gökhan İris, CFS and Warehouse Manager, gathered with the students. In this training, students have not only learned processes regarding gate operations, but they have also acquired knowledge about operation services that are provided in the CFS yard and the responsibilities of the subcontracting firm personnel at port.


On the fourth and last day, the training took place in two sessions. In the first session, İsmail Kaymakçıoğlu, Commercial Fee Chief at Marport, made a presentation about the commercial fee department. In the second session, a presentation was given by the CFS and Storage Executive, Bahadır Özakbulut, where he explained the warehouse operations in detail.


The students have shown great deal of interest in these trainings, which took place between 11-14th January 2021. All students could benefit from them, as they had no quota limits.

Providing services on a total area of 530 thousand square meters, Marport stands out as the port terminal with the highest volume in the Marmara Region due to its annual handling capacity of 2.3 million TEU. Thanks to Arkas’ experiences of more than 20 years in the field of port operations, Marport gets stronger every day.