We Keep Meeting Our Managers with the “One of Us Program” in 2021

The online chat program “One of Us” keeps bringing Arkasians and managers together in the new year. Launched by Arkas Academy in 2020, “One of Us” has been a program, where evaluations regarding the pandemic process and predictions concerning the transition to the new normal and its aftermath are made.

Managers participating in the program are sharing information on their sectors and competitors, economic impacts of the pandemic process on the sector and their industrial predictions concerning the future of Turkey and the world. Within this scope, webinars with Arkas Automative and Arkas Sports Club will be held further on.  Saadettin Demir, Sales and Marketing Director at LA Winery, who has attended the “One of Us” program most recently, provided information on the fast moving consumer goods and difficulties faced in this sector.  Furthermore, Demir mentioned the features of LA Wines, which distinguish them from their competitors, and his thoughts on the on-going changes and inventions regarding the brand.