New Academic Term Begins at Arkas Academy

Due to the pandemic, digital transformation has become one of the most indispensable elements of our lives. Business models, work models and required competencies have also changed along with this digital transformation. As for meeting competencies, we see that it is a pretty important factor for adaptation. The speed, brought along with digital transformation, has once again revealed the significance of the concept of lifelong learning. Arkasians meet at A-Live for learning and development.

Investing in e-learning, paying attention to differences in expectations between generations, creating comprehensive motives in terms of culture and leadership are of vital importance to develop competencies, which is a requirement for the new generation work model. In this context, Arkas Academy has increased the rate of active system entries to 92% with A-Live, its first step in the digitalization process, from March 2019 until today by transferring 100% of its training courses, 80% and 20% of which were respectively in-class and online trainings before the pandemic, to the digital platform. For training and development activities of 2021, Arkas Academy has created a training and development plan based on the competencies expected from the business world according to the Future of Jobs reports published in the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2020. In this way, the aim is to introduce Arkasians with future competencies and raise awareness on this subject. Moreover, vocational trainers and in-house trainers, who have completed certification programs such as the training of trainers and digital training and are specialized in the content to be instructed, will be able to provide trainings to Arkasians in various subjects regarding both vocational and personal development in 2021.

The leadership development program “90 Minutes in Leadership” for Arkas managers will also be launched in the first week of March 2021. Based on competencies and leadership skills of the 21th century, this program aims to raise awareness on these subjects with expert specialists.  As for the contents of video trainings at A-Live, they will have a supportive effect on the development plans of this year. The trainings will be selected and followed via A-Live. Most of them will take place in approximately 2 to 3 sessions by means of the Microsoft Teams application. The programs “Arkas Talks” and “One of Us” will continue to be held in a webinar style with different guests and topics every month.

Everything changes… If we refuse to see these changes, then we will not be able to hold on to our lives. In order to see, one needs to know. In order to know, one needs to learn… And to learn and develop, let’s meet at A-Live.