Arkas Logistics Hosts a Strategy Workshop

Arkas Logistics units came together in a socially distanced two-day workshop in Bolu Abant. While the existing strategies were reviewed and new strategies were evaluated at the workshop, the views of all business units were discussed by way of collective wisdom. Topics discussed during the workshop included digital transformation, next generation business models, changing market conditions and customer approaches.

The workshop, where current strategies of Arkas Logistics were reviewed in line with the future vision and the units aimed to establish new strategies, was led by CEO Onur Gocmez in Abant. All business units presented their strategies and new approaches were developed with collective wisdom during the two-day workshop. The outlined projects were reviewed in six different groups at the meeting. During activities conducted within the scope of “Business Model Development” group work, proposals and target audiences were determined along with approaches and developments in the fields of marketing and sales.

Speaker Erkan Yildirim talked about “Digital Transformation and Next Generation Business Models” and Gokhan Kaya contributed with his eye-opening remarks on “Customer Experience.” There was a consensus that the best strategy in changing market conditions would be agility and dynamism. The excitement of new projects focused on swiftness and digitalization concluded the meeting.

Arkas Logistics will hold similar gatherings until the end of the year with a focus on strategy. In line with the road map created in this context, the objectives of all functions will be included in the “Strategy Formulation and Corporate Performance Management” activities.