Award for “My Future, Arkas” From TEGEP

TEGEP – Learning and Development Platform Association of Turkey, presented its awards this year to their respective winners in an online event.  Arkas Academy program titled “My Future, Arkas” won the “Silver Award” in the category of Social Contribution Development Program.

Arkas Academy continues to win awards for its training and development projects. “My Future, Arkas” program, which has been designed and implemented by Arkas Academy with the objective of supporting the professional and personal development of students, won an award from TEGEP. The project was deemed worthy of the silver award in the category of Social Contribution Development Program. The promotional video of the project was shown during the online ceremony, and the details were shared with the participants.

“My Future, Arkas” Program

Students who will be included in Arkas Academy’s “My Future, Arkas” program are first evaluated by the school committee at Arkas Narlidere Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. Students regarded as suitable are then interviewed by Arkas Human Resources. Those who have successful interviews qualify for the “My Future, Arkas” program and are included in the learning and development processes. This process consists of rotation, vocational training, English language support, personal development and mentoring support categories. In vocational training, students receive practical and theoretical training in line with their branches in container planning and control, port services, sales and marketing, vessel, delivery orders, customs services, risk management, documentation and external accounts. Trainee students complete the program after receiving 1073 hours of rotation, 88 hours of vocational training, 150 hours of English support, 40 hours of personal development and 9 hours of mentoring support throughout the training period.